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This page contains details of Audacity problems that are identified after release of the current version, and so are not included in the "Known Issues at Release" section of the Release Notes. This page will be cleared after each release of Audacity, as all issues will by then either be fixed or appear as known issues in the Release Notes for the new version.
Please do not use this page to report problems you are having with Audacity or suspected bugs, as it will not be regularly checked by the support team. Instead, please see our Reporting Bugs page for advice on how to identify your problem and report it to us if you need to.


Active issues

IDPSummary (3 tasks) ID
1778P3(Mac) Cannot type diacritics into label text1778
1786P3duplicate shortcuts can be created1786
1785P3Cannot use File>Open to "open" a Label file1785

Fixed since release

IDPStatusSummary (4 tasks) ID
1770P1RESOLVEDCrash applying certain chain files1770
1781P2CLOSEDmw2html: Is not converting sidebar links1781
1767P2RESOLVEDOpening a second project from Mac's Finder produces a second inaccessible instance of Audacity1767
1765P3RESOLVEDUsing File > Open to import audio gives wrong zoom level and no scroll bar slider1765
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