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Peter 28Mar14: This page was created with material copied from the SF site. It was created to make the Wiki more standalone to facilitate a potential Legacy Wiki snapshot that is currently under consideration.

If you have a vinyl or cassette recording with separate tracks on it, you most likely want to export those tracks as separate audio files for your computer's music library, or so you can burn them to separate tracks on an audio CD. This is easily accomplished in Audacity, using labels and the Export Multiple function.

Detailed instructions using the current version of Audacity can be found at Splitting a recording into separate tracks in the Manual.

It is strongly recommended that you use the current version of Audacity as above.

Legacy instructions

Follow these steps to create a separate file for each song or segment of a long recording. This is particularly useful if you are creating a CD, since each file will appear as a separate track on the CD.

  1. Click to place the cursor at the start of the first song.
  2. Choose “Add Label at Selection” from the Project menu (or Tracks menu in Audacity Beta). If you wish, you can type the name of the song.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each song.
  4. When you are finished, choose “Export Multiple” from the File menu. When you click the “Export” button, Audacity will save each song as a separate file, using the format and location you choose.

Alternatively, Audacity can attempt to detect the silences between tracks then label them automatically using Analyze > Silence Finder. If you do not have Silence Finder in your version of Audacity, it can be found in the Audacity legacy 1.2.6 Plug-in Pack.

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