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Peter 07Jan17: P1 I would really like to deprecate this page once we have released 2.1.3. We have spent some time recently working on improving the material in this in the Manual - to the extent that I now believe the Manual has superior information. I don't really want to continue with parallel documentation to maintain on this in two different places (that goes against our normal policy which seeks single-source documentation).
  • If we decide to retain this page then I would certainly link to the Mac>LAME Installation and Windows>LAME Installation in the Manual - and probably similar for the Linux section (but I am not qualified to judge that, so would need advice regarding this). The "issues" section should really be dealt with in the Manual>FAQs if they are not already.
  • Note that very few pages link to here from within the Wiki now . There may be a case for a stub page to deal with any old links from Forum threads.
    • Gale 07Jan17: I suggest removing links to this page (or adjust them to point to MP3), then cut and paste the entire content of this page into an ednote in MP3 so we can see if anything wants integrating into that page. Then change this page content to be a custom redirect in an advice note with a link to MP3. After 2.1.3 is released, add a link to the advice note pointing to the Manual.
      • Peter 08Jan17: Glad you agree Gale:
        1. I switched all the existing "Lame Installation" links to go to "MP3"
        2. the previous contents of this page are now on the MP3 Talk page
        3. I deleted the contents of this page, adding a custam redirect in and Advice div and left a P1 for post 2.1.3 links
        4. I'll try to find some time to validate the Windows LAME installation instructions in the Manual
        5. and I'll try to get Steve to work on the Linux stuff (unless you want to do that Gale?)
      • But all-in-all this has been a great piece of cleaning up so far - here in the Wiki and the Mac LAME stuff (incuding Buanzo's site)

Warning icon The contents of this page have been transferred to the MP3 page

See this page in the Audacity Manual for instructions on how to download and install the LAME MP3 encoder.

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