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New features in Audacity 2.1.3New features in Audacity 2.1.3 - appendixNew features in Audacity 2.2.0
New features in Audacity 2.2.0 - appendixNew features in Audacity 2.2.1New features in Audacity 2.2.1 - appendix
Newicon screencapNext ReleaseNightly Builds
Noise ReductionNotes for PackagersNotes for Testers
NyquistNyquist Analyze Plug-ins
Nyquist Audio ProgrammingNyquist Basics: Adding a Delay EffectNyquist Basics: Changing the Volume
Nyquist Basics: Changing the Volume in SALNyquist Basics: Changing the volume of the left and right stereo channels independentlyNyquist Basics: The Audacity Nyquist Prompt
Nyquist Basics: The Audacity Nyquist Prompt With SALNyquist DocumentationNyquist Effect Plug-ins
Nyquist Generate Plugins
Nyquist Plug-in Packs and Legacy Plug-insNyquist Plug-insNyquist Plug-ins Reference
OGGOGG/pt BROld Home Page
Other GNU/Linux ApplicationsOther Mac ApplicationsOther Open Source Audio and Audio-Visual Applications
Other Windows ApplicationsOverdubbing using your computer's on-board soundcard
Overdubbing with a Behringer® UCA202 Stereo bidirectional USB SoundcardOverdubbing with a Samson® G-Track USB Microphone
Overdubbing with a Shure® X2U Microphone Amplifier-USB AdapterPages suggested for deletionPartial Support for Mac Sierra in 2.1.3
Patches DecidedPending Feature RequestsPending website changes
Playing and RecordingPlug-ins
PortAudioPortable AudacityPossible GSoC Mentors
Potential GSoC StudentsPreview Versions
Principles of ChorusPrinciples of DelayPrinciples of Flanger
Principles of PhaserPrinciples of ReverbPrinciples of delay effects
Programming in NyquistProjectsProposal: Earlier Disk Over-run Warnings
Proposal: GUI Custom Resets for Toolbar LayoutsProposal: Import Appended
Proposal: Improvements to Scrubbing - Phase-3Proposal: Menu TweaksProposal: Reserved keys for custom key bindings
Proposal: Waveform and clip colorsProposal Audacity 4 Blind
Proposal Audio DiffProposal Auto Detect Audio Device ChangesProposal Autoselect
Proposal Beat FinderProposal Binding Particular Parameters of Effects to Hot-KeysProposal Change Speed Enhancements
Proposal CrossfadeProposal Cursor Behaviour ImprovementsProposal DC Management
Proposal DC Offset removalProposal Development of spectral selection and manipulationProposal Displaying Samples
Proposal Dynamic Imagemap using JavascriptProposal Easy Avoid Clipping on many tracksProposal Easy cfg Reset
Proposal Effect Menu CategorizationProposal Enh's from Bugzilla
Proposal Fish EyeProposal General Scripting or Python IntegrationProposal Graphic indicator of optimum recording level on the waveform display
Proposal Import/Export Eq CurvesProposal Improvement of Transport Toolbar
Proposal Improvements to the Manage Effects/Generators/Analyzers GUIProposal Improvements to the Timer Record time data-entry spinbox controlsProposal Label Enhancements
Proposal Label Track InfoProposal Languages EcosystemProposal Locking and/or Hiding Pan and Gain sliders
Proposal Log / Linear Envelope OptionProposal Low Hanging FruitProposal Monitoring On
Proposal Multi-event Timer RecordProposal MultiButtons
Proposal Normalize & Amplify ConsolidationProposal Nyquist process effects in Chains
Proposal Page Tabled Memory and Event LayoutProposal Play at SpeedProposal Plot Spectrum Enhancements
Proposal Reorganizing Preferences, Track control menu, and View Settings
Proposal Safe Project OverwriteProposal Select Then ActProposal Single Splash
Proposal Smart HelpProposal Smoother Playback ScrollingProposal Source Separation
Proposal Space SaversProposal Stop "Here"Proposal Structured Audio
Proposal Team ToolsProposal Threading and AccelerationProposal Timer Record Improvements Phase-2
Proposal TrackPanel EvolutionProposal Transcription EditorProposal Unitary Project
Proposal Update CheckingProposal Vertical Scale GUI ImprovementsProposal WAV exports to have Format Options
Proposal Waterfall SpectrogramsProposal Woozle's Interface TweaksProposal Zoom Context
Proposal new Zoom ToolbarProposalsProposed Front Page
Put an article in a category of articlesQualityQuickLoad Progress
Recording Church ServicesRecording Computer Playback on MacRecording Tips
Recording from CassetteRecording lengthRecording live sound: Acoustic
Recording multi-track overdubs with specialist hardwareReducing noise
Release ChecklistRelease Checklist Watching BriefRelease Notes
Release Notes 1.3.10Release Notes 1.3.11Release Notes 1.3.12
Release Notes 1.3.13Release Notes 1.3.14Release Notes 1.3.2
Release Notes 1.3.3Release Notes 1.3.4Release Notes 1.3.5
Release Notes 1.3.6Release Notes 1.3.7Release Notes 1.3.8
Release Notes 1.3.9Release Notes 2.0.0Release Notes 2.0.1
Release Notes 2.0.2Release Notes 2.0.3Release Notes 2.0.4
Release Notes 2.0.5Release Notes 2.0.6Release Notes 2.1.0
Release Notes 2.1.1Release Notes 2.1.2
Release Notes 2.1.3Release Notes 2.2.0Release Notes 2.2.0/Bugs Fixed
Release Notes 2.2.0/IssuesRelease Notes 2.2.1Release Notes 2.2.1/Bugs Fixed
Release Notes 2.2.1/IssuesRelease PolicyRelease Process
Release Process/MacRelease Process/Release AnnouncementsRelease Process/Win
Release checklist not aiming for 1.4Removing Artifacts
Removing SpamReporting BugsResample
Review of Issue TrackersRivendellRoadmap
Ru/Оцифровка записейRussian Information
SVN ClientsSample RatesSanitizing speech recordings made with portable audio recorders
Saving while recordingScripting ModuleScripting Syntax
Security AdviceSelect multiple label regions and invert selectionSending your work to others
Setup and AcousticsShuttleGui
Site MapSitesThatRecommendAudacity
Sound Devices and Interfaces
Spanish InformationStereo mix with Ubuntu 10
StevenChamberlainStorm BotnetStuck In a Mode
SubmittingPatchesSuggested Frequency Analysis CapabilitiesSuggested Volume Analysis Capabilities
Support other UsersSwedish Tutorials
Taxonomy of EffectsTest:SufTesting
Testing/WorkflowTesting:Recording web-stream and exporting the resultTesting: LP/tape transcription
Testing: timing testsThe Audacity PumpkinThe Feature Requests Pipeline
The Ideal BugtrackerThe Multiproject WormcanThe wx3 Upgrade
ThemeTheme TweaksTheming HowTo
Tipos de efeitoToDo
Top Squished BugsTop Usability IssuesTortoiseCVS
Transitioning To wxAUITranslating AudacityTranslating Audacity/Writing Translatable Code
Translating the ManualTranslation Tools
Troubleshooting RecordingsTrộn nhạc nền cho bài diễn văn của bạnTutoriais
USB mic on LinuxUSB turntables
UX PrinciplesUnclassified Feature RequestsUnusual Header Files
Updating Sound Device DriversUpgrade to gcc 4.9
Use CasesUsing Audacity To Teach About Audio
Using BugzillaVST Plug-ins
Vamp Plug-insVariable bit rate
VendorsThatBundleAudacityVersion Checking Scriptlet
Vietnamese TutorialsVisual Consistency
Vocal Removal Plug-insVoiceActivated
Voice Command ModuleVoxForgeVuMeter
WAVWarningsWe Need Your Audacity
Web PropertiesWebsite ProjectWiki Development Checklist
Windows 10 OSWindows 7 OSWindows 8 OS
Windows BugsWindows Vista OSWithdrawn: Proposal Rename "Snap To"
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ΗχογράφησηΚανάλιαΜορφές Αρχείων
ΠίνακαςΠεριβάλλον ΕργασίαςΠιστότητα
Προτιμήσεις 1.3.10Προώθηση σε άλλη σελίδαΠώς κατεβάζω και εγκαθιστώ τον κωδικοποιητή MP3 LAME;
Τοποθέτηση ενός άρθρου σε μία κατηγορία άρθρωνΦάκελοι

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