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Please note the Wiki is not set up for technical support questions. If you need help with Audacity, please ask on our Forum.

  • Q:User:Jacobdeleon3000: When I click the link for the lame mp3 encoder (the url says the same as the website) "403 Forbidden" I cannot download it.
    • A: Gale 07 July 2010: As it says on our LAME download page, you need to left-click on the link for the LAME version you require (not right-click or control-click). If you still receive "forbidden" than your web browser or your firewall are set to block HTTP referrers. This is configurable in some browsers, for example see these instructions to turn on referrers in Firefox. If your web browser has a feature for "stealth" or "anonymous" browsing you will need to turn it off.

      If your security restrictions cannot be removed then as a last resort you can obtain an appropriate LAME installer here.

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