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Page to track technical debt
Tracking both internally caused and externally caused


Internal Technical Debt

  • Done.png Very messy sizer code. Solve with ShuttleGui
  • Done.png No NAKED NEWS! We leak too much.
  • Done.png Consistent exception handling.
  • ToDo.png Test and handle all error-returns.
    • Done.png Todo comments in code for error returns.
  • ToDo.png The GetLink() story

External Technical Debt

Libs (all platforms)

  • ToDo.png Communicate wx3 workarounds back to wxWidgets
  • ToDo.png wx3.1.0 will soon be available.
  • ToDo.png LAME libs upgrade. More secure version available.
  • ToDo.png LAME patents have expired. Must consider moving to bundling it.


  • ToDo.png Carbon deprecated. Upgrade.
  • ToDo.png High Sierra issues.


  • ToDo.png New Linux formats AppImage, Snaps and Flatpack gaining traction. We might need to consider.


  • ToDo.png Supporting 64 bit at all requires newer compiler. (Henric has done work, so this should go smoothly).
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