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This page is for keeping track of bugs in Automation project. I could work forever on improving the pdf manual. My thinking is that we use the drafts to decide on our intended uses - e.g. for foreign language FAQ. Then we prioritise the fixes accordingly.
  • I'm also separating tweaks/changes which live in the engine and those that need custom work in the text


Draft manual pdf v0.2

We are now at V0.4

Page numbers are examples of issue for that version. For Auto-formatting, fixing one should fix all occurrences.

The current script is generic, in that it can/should convert any wiki, given a toc.

In supporting new custom styles we need to
  • Ensure the style is applied consistently in the wiki. (easiest when using templates)
  • Provide LaTeX equivalents for the style.
  • Include it in a conversion customisation file.

Fixes By Hand

  • Done.png Custom front page needed.
  • Done.png 2 wiki pages which did not import even after script changes need attention.
  • ToDo.png Tweaking image sizes. For image families, this could be a mix of wiki custom classes and informing script about them, so both by hand and script to fix.
    • Done.png Toolbar Overview image merits being full page width. p136
    • ToDo.png Progress dialog does not need full column width. p382
    • ToDo.png Would be nice to improve formatting of Idea, Warn, Alert. p18
    • Done.png Would be nice to consistently use the same magnification for all menus, rather than sizing to fit the column width. p407
  • ToDo.png Support more custom styles.
    • ToDo.png Nyquist script should have its own format set off from other text. p367
    • ToDo.png Remove forward and Back FAQ links (mark as not pdf). p100
    • ToDo.png Remove links section of effects pages (mark as not pdf). p353
    • ToDo.png Batch processing commands could benefit from their own style. p551
    • ToDo.png Glossary entries could benefit from their own style. p556
    • Done.png One-column style for GNU GPL. p562
    • ToDo.png Help button in running text, either shrink it or make it a floating image with text flow around it. Beware, it is often in a bulletted list, so formatting may need to be list-aware. p8
    • ToDo.png Mocked up snippets from dialogs, e.g. checkbox and drop down examples, lack the grey background. This should be a non breaking box, given some uses are currently line broken. p17, p56
  • ToDo.png "This is a comment and will be ignored" got through into final doc. p457
  • ToDo.png Long bullet lists should use tighter spacing. p483
  • ToDo.png toc tweaks.
    • ToDo.png Move 8 'Unsorted' sections into a more permanent home in toc.
    • ToDo.png Drop experimental from-wiki table of contents page? p560
  • ToDo.png Resolve unicode symbol unsupported in pdf issues, e.g. for Mac cloverleaf, by using images instead.
  • Done.png Custom page breaking on some large images, e.g. of very long menus. p301, p466
  • ToDo.png Image captions not bound to images, but rather placed in table cells, resulting in misplaced captions (e.g. for theme images), when the script breaks the tables apart.
  • ToDo.png In wiki we sometimes have previews or summary tables prior to going into detail. That needs rethink/redesign for good looking pdf.
    • ToDo.png Show Theme images just once in that chapter OR force thumbnail size where first mentioned. p481-482
    • ToDo.png Show effects and their descriptions just once in that chapter OR provide a new diagram showing effect families where first mentioned. p312.
    • ToDo.png Logo on p6 - just show it once in pdf.

Fixes By Auto-Formatting

  • Done.png Imagemaps are not hyperlinked.
  • Done.png Switch from Times New Roman to a modern sans font (Helvetica).
  • ToDo.png Long lines overflow into next column. p100
    • A possible solution is to auto-detect URL like things and apply LaTeX \seqsplit to them.
  • ToDo.png URLs that link out of the document are not supported. Particularly relevant for the Wikipedia links in glossary.
    • Hyperref supports these links being in a different colour, and I intend to do so.
  • ToDo.png Empty first entry in some item lists. p31

Supporting Stuff

  • ToDo.png Documentation on the html to latex pipeline required.
  • ToDo.png Check script and master doc template into our GitHub tools.
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