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This guy is probably the best I've seen on YouTube regarding Audacity use: marcusunlimited

You may, or may not, like his style - but he certainly injects some pizzazz and enthusiasm

Old ednote

For editors only.

Peter 4May14: restoring the old Legacy tutorials, but commented out so we can sift through again to see which still have value.
  • Gale 05May14: ToDo Publication date is not totally relevant if for example the video shows settings in an effect that has not changed in 2.x. Thanks for replacing the links hidden in an [this] ednote. I set a Px to review the deletion more thoroughly and possibly seek a select few replacement videos, perhaps by engaging with some of the video authors.
  • Peter 27Jun14: I did engage with Daniel Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast - he has been very helpful in bringing his tutorials up to date with no mention of legacy or beta versions - accordingly I restored all of his tutotorials.

Warning icon Note that most of the following tutorials were uploaded long ago and relate to old unsupported legacy versions of Audacity.

Binaural Beats / Brainwave Entrainment

Note: this tutorial was last updated on 29August2007 and thus relates to legacy versions of Audacity.

Editing (General)

  • 60 Second Shakespeare - video tutorials about using Audacity to edit the audio for short video or audio interpretations of Shakespeare.

Note: this tutorial was last updated in September 2005 and thus relates to legacy versions of Audacity.

Voice Effects

Note: this tutorial was uploaded in June 2006 and relates to legacy Audacity Beta 1.3.0b.

Sound Effects

Note: these tutorials were uploaded on 17April2011 and 2August2008 and thus relate to legacy versions of Audacity.


Note: this tutorial was uploaded on 29December2007 and thus relates to legacy versions of Audacity.

Note: this tutorial was uploaded on 19August2010 and thus relates to legacy versions of Audacity.

Podcasting Overviews

  • Create your own podcast - a fine general tutorial on all stages from recording and editing to publishing on the web, again from

Note: this tutorial and others on the same site relate to legacy versions of Audacity. The site is littered with advertisements and potentially risk "Download" buttons - take care when visiting this site.

Recording Records and Cassettes

  • Transferring cassettes to CD - detailed illustrated tutorials using Audacity 1.2 for Mac, but many of the principles are relevant to recent Audacity and iTunes.

Note: this tutorial relates to legacy Audacity 1.2

Recording Voice

Note: this tutorial was last updated on 11October2007 and thus relates to a legacy version of Audacity.


  • Creative Commons logo How to Make a Bell Ringtone Using Audacity - a wikiHow article on how to create a plain, landline-like ringtone, something many modern phones lack. The article is under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.5 license. You can contribute improvements by editing it online.

Note: this tutorial relates to legacy Audacity 1.3.10 Beta

Schools or Colleges

Note: this tutorial relates a legacy version of Audacity

Special Purposes

Note: this tutorial relates to legacy Audacity 1.2.6


  • Unanimously against opening the manual wiki to general editing.
  • Category:TutorialMovedtoManual floated as an idea for the moved pages - probably it would only be of use to editors who want to track these pages, not general wiki users - and we can do that other ways.

Past Discussion

Gale 18Dec09: Hi James, As I said (unless I'm missing something about it being a problem), the whole idea was to remove Tutorials moved to Manual from the Wiki Tutorial Category (they're external to this Wiki once moved).We have got rid of the duplication of Tutorials and Category:Tutorial but we still have to change most of the links to the former Tutorials page to remove the shoddy (to me) looking "redirected".

I don't feel a second autogenerated list of links is all that useful for what is now the only tutorials page, which is why I never did it:

  • We list all the Wiki tutorials anyway
  • It makes an already long page longer
  • Novices may find it confusing
  • I doubt we would have a second alphabetised list out of choice

At least when Category:Tutorial was a separate page from Tutorials, most of the people going to the Category page should be more experienced so may expect an autogenerated list.

So I guess from here, the best plan is to hive off the external tutorials to a separate page. I think you wanted that anyway, and I suppose length might eventually force that on us.

  • James 18Dec09: Then we disagree fundamentally! I see it as vital that there is somewhere one list which has every single tutorial on it, whether it be in this wiki or in the manual wiki.
    • Gale: Sorry, by "external" I meant "not in this wiki or the Manual wiki", i.e. the ones currently listed as "off-site". You did previously want those separated. I was resisting that for exactly the sort of reasons you state, but mixing in a second listing of the Wiki tutorials seems to make it harder to resist separating them.

      I definitely want the *agreed* Manual tutorials highlighted on the same page as the Wiki ones (more prominently than that automated list at the bottom). Our only small disagreement is a) I prefer Manual tutorials not to be in the Wiki Tutorial category (the template idea itself is fine with me); b) I'd prefer a unified feedback system for the Manual rather than scattering the comments on essentially dead pages on this Wiki.

      I'd also prefer we didn't mention "Playing and Recording" here until it actually is an official Manual tutorial, and of course not mention any Manual tutorials moved to Wiki until we actually do move them.

  • James: Then we do seem to have a solution as to what to list and how. The hand-crafted part of Category:Tutorial lists every (approved) tutorial on either wiki. The automatically created list at the end just lists (alphabetically) what is on this wiki. I've taken the 'Playing and Recording' page out of Category:Tutorial and we can do the same for any other redirected tutorial. If we do this consistently that is fine. I'm OK now with the 3rd party tutorials being here. The page can have a lot more tutorials before I think the 3rd party ones would need to move out. That is the kind of problem I would like to have.
    • Gale: I think the whole page needs work on grouping the tutorials, possibly with a side-by-side layout. Not a huge priority, but it's a bit like the current Wiki front page at the moment. There are definitely 3rd party tutorials I could add, but don't have the time.
  • I agree a good comment system for the manual would be nice. Can you suggest a solution?
    • Gale: Although your roadmap wants to get rid of [email protected], that seems to me the obvious route for comments about the manual. The only real problem with feedback is the temptation (for me) to help people who insist on using it for that purpose. I note the Manual lacks an obvious route out to the main site or the Wiki, and was wondering about an "external links" navbox with those links and a link to
      • Peter - a definite -1 on opening up the Manual. Bill and Ed have done a lot of work not just on content but also on presentation. I would hate to see that spoilt. Definitely by application only (and possible vetting - i.e. can the applicant do good technical writing, do they have the Audacity experience, do they have mark-up skills etc.?)
      • James: I'm not at all adamant about closing down [email protected] It's just that I am aware that it costs you (Gale) a lot of time, and that answers on the forum probably reach many more people.