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How Plans Progress

  • Most of the time the most important activity is being tracked on Next Release. That page has information about progress and schedule on the current release. You can see commits that are progressing the release on our GitHub master branch. Many of the commits will have titles, complete with bug numbers, from Bugzilla that the commit is intended to address.


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Experimental Branch

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To Be Confirmed.

A curated branch (curated by Paul) that contains a mix of Work In Progress for feedback and early adopters. This is a 'feeder branch' into Audacity.

Automation Project

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James Crook is running an active project in 2017 to bring more automation into work on Audacity.


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Also by James Crook, an ongoing feeder-project into Audacity the brings in new GUI innovations. DarkAudacity was started in June 2016, delivered significant changes to Audacity 2.2.0 and is continuing on in 2017.

Google Summer of Code

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Audacity has participated twice in Google Summer of Code. Once in 2008 and once in 2009.


Various odd bits about development projects that don't fit anywhere else.

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