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  • Abstracts for these projects can be found here.
  • Information about the fortnightly test alphas can be found here.


Lars Luthman

Support for the LV2 plug-in architecture

LV2 is a more advanced evolution of the LADSPA  plug-in architecture and is of strategic importance to Audacity. As well as allowing plug-ins to be categorised, supporting LV2 in the way I propose will make several LV2 synths available as powerful new tone generators.

The LV2 synth Sineshaper loaded in Audacity with a generated note in the background
  • Mentored by: Chris Cannam
  • Idea: Own idea
  • Short Project Name: lv2
  • Mid Term Spin Off: Hierarchical plug-in Menus. Partial support for LRDF. Mentor/Student Mid-Term feedback done and OK. However, almost complete lack of communication in the second half, and although nearly all goals were met, project could not be passed at the end..

Руслан Ижбулатов (LRN)

Importing (exporting?) files into Audacity via FFmpeg

FFmpeg is the standard open source library for audio file conversions. It can be used to greatly expand the range of proprietary formats handled by Audacity.

Dropdown menu showing list of exportable formats click to enlarge
  • Mentored by: Richard Anthony Ash
  • Idea: Adapted from list idea
  • Short Project Name: ffmpeg
  • Mid Term Spin Off: Import working. Import Metadata working. Mentor/Student Mid-Term feedback done and OK. Mentor/Student final feedback done and OK. Project passed successfully..

Johannes Kulick

New GUI Classes: wxDragGridSizer and wxDragFlexGridSizer

These GridSizers are an enabling step for a much cleaner design for the largest class in Audacity, the TrackPanel. The monolithic nature of the existing class has acted as a log-jam to GUI development since at least 2003. In addition work on wxAUI should facilitate an easier update to improved (modern) toolbars.

Draggable cells test/demo application (15's puzzle page)
  • Mentored by: James Crook
  • Idea: Adapted from off-list idea
  • Short Project Name: gridsizer
  • Mid Term Spin Off: AUI Test program and Report done. Grid test App written. Mentor/Student Mid-Term feedback done and OK. Mentor/Student final feedback done and OK. Project passed successfully.

Michael Chinen

On Demand/Level of Detail File Loading

Will provide near-instant loading of PCM uncompressed files: the waveform image is built while you play or edit, viewable anywhere on demand. An embedded progress bar gives user feedback, plus block-boundary information in debug builds. This facilitates a future move from batch mode to real-time processing which (as necessary for Audacity) can yet degrade gracefully to batch on low-powered machines.

Partial ODPCMAliasBlockFile and Regular BlockFile Waveform, top level
  • Mentored by: Federico Grau, then Martyn Shaw after mid-term.
  • Idea: Combination of own idea and adaptation of list idea
  • Short Project Name: quickload
  • Mid Term Spin Off: By-Track-Progress-Bar complete. "Poor Man's on-demand Loading" complete. Mentor/Student Mid-Term feedback done and OK. Mentor/Student final feedback done and OK. Project passed successfully.

Mark Deutsch

Sticky Labels & Multiple Selection of Labels

The limitation that labels do not stick to the audio track and move and edit with them is the most consistent criticism of Audacity Label Tracks. This project will fix this. In addition the provision of multiple label selection (with ability to apply an effect to all selected labels) will enable a smoother workflow when working with labels.

New button showing a chain link to enable/disable linking of labels
  • Mentored by: Leland Lucius
  • Idea: Adapted from list idea
  • Short Project Name: labels
  • Mid Term Spin Off: Sticky Labels, basic functionality working. Support for some label-size-changes too. Mentor/Student Mid-Term feedback done and OK. Mentor/Student final feedback done and OK. Project passed successfully.

Other Information about Projects

24th July 2008: All five projects passed the mid term having essentially achieved the mid term goals. In some cases the mid term spin-offs weren't quite as polished or complete as originally envisaged - though in all cases close enough to be regarded as 'on target'. We're pleased with the way the GSoC Alphas are working out and the contributions that the students are making to the project.

8th September 2008: Four of the five projects passed based on code and communications as of 18th August (final pencils down). The project which did not pass still had plenty of good coding work and skill behind it, indeed believed to be fully working on the linux platform. It was communication, possibly to modify the goals shortly after mid term, that really let it down. Good projects, good students, a lot of development activity, overall 2008 was a very good result for us.

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