How Noise Removal Works

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Peter 15Dec14:The new Noise Reduction effect is replacing Noise Removal in 2.1.0, in which case this page will need to be "retired"/deprecated. Because the Wiki relates to current released Audacity this page must remain in the Wiki until 2.1.0 is released.

Once 2.1.0 has been released the contents of this page can be deleted and replaced with a note directing readers to the new page (and a link to the Legacy Wiki page for users of obsolete versions of Audacity). This will be better than a "Move" leaving a redirect as we can make it clear to the reader that the old effect has been replaced with an improved version.

  • Peter 30Mar15: Done - removed the P1

From 2.1.0 onwards Noise Removal has been replaced with a much improved effect called Noise Reduction.

Please see How Audacity Noise Reduction Works

If you are using a version of Audacity prior to 2.1.0 the please see the Legacy Wiki page.

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