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Warning icon This page is to inform users of Audacity 2.x of usability problems if it is built with wxWidgets 3.0 or later. This affects for example the packaged Audacity 2.0.6 supplied by Ubuntu 15.04.

You can look at the About Audacity dialog then the Build Information tab to check the version of wxWidgets that was used.

Audacity 2.x below 2.1.2 requires wxWidgets 2.8.12

You most likely reached this page from an incorrectly built version of Audacity that uses wxWidgets 3.0 or later.

Audacity 2.x below 2.1.2 should be compiled with the previous stable release of wxWidgets (2.8.12) which is still available on Ubuntu and Linux Mint users who do not want to compile Audacity are recommended to try installing an unofficial PPA build of Audacity 2.1.0 or 2.1.1 release compiled against wx2.8.12.

The developers have been fixing Audacity bugs when using wx3, so that the next 2.1.2 release of Audacity will support and require wx3.0.2 rather than wx2.8.12. For those using Audacity HEAD compiled against wx 3.x, please see below for the remaining wx3 problems that we know about (for all platforms).
IDPStatusSummary (22 tasks)
139P2REOPENEDSummary: Mac accessibility weaknesses
1206P2RESOLVEDToolbar height too small when not docked
1166P3CLOSEDlibmp3lame.dylib file unselectable by default.
1247P3NEWLinux: TAB does not stay in its own tooldock/moving to and from tracks does not access upper tooldock.
1119P3REOPENEDMac: Window menu's list of open windows not available
1193P3RESOLVEDTimeline text too large/lower tooldock text far too small.
904P4CLOSEDWX3: No splashscreen if using wx3
1100P4DEVEL - FIX MADEExport options not shown when export dialog first opened
885P4NEWWX3: Renaming track in Track dropdown menu operates Transport shortcuts
907P4NEWWX3: Automatic Crash Recovery interface issues
910P4NEWWX3: Segfault manually locating FFmpeg
774P4NEWWX3: Meters flash on and off when Meter Preferences are open.
778P4NEWWX3: NVDA Issues in wx3
908P4NEWLinux: ASSERT playing audio after adding a label
1063P4NEWEffects are not modal in other projects.
1153P4RESOLVEDIn dialogs for select audio host, etc, ok and cancel buttons can be squashed and unreadable
1202P4RESOLVEDMac OS X: Unwanted slider interactions with focus and Device Toolbar.
1099P4RESOLVEDWindow size not restored on launch
1222P4RESOLVEDScrollbar areas flicker when recording or scroll-scrubbing.
1201P4RESOLVEDMac OS X: Toolbar handle tooltips only visible on mouse down
640P4RESOLVEDWX3: Label Tracks: Cannot UP/DOWN out of multiple label tracks. Cannot UP/DOWN out of single label track unless there is a closed label.
776P4RESOLVEDTrack Dropdown Menu does not open with SHIFT + M shortcut.

Correct as at 24 Oct 2015.

See for the latest position.

2.1.0 and 2.1.1 stable release PPA's built against wx2.8.12

For users of Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, 14.10, 15.04 and 15.10, also Linux Mint 13 and 17 there is a recommendable PPA of Audacity 2.1.0 or later releases built against wx2.8.12: FFmpeg support is included and is known to work in Ubuntu 15.04, but does not export correctly in Ubuntu 14.10.

Uninstall the packaged version of Audacity before installing the PPA.

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