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  • 17th March 2017 - Release 2.1.3.
  • 18th March 2017 - 2.2.0 RM yet to be announced. <--- We are here


  • dd/mm/yy - Preparations (code/manual) for kick-the tyres release completed. One week for refining-ktt-planning/last-minute-fixes.
  • dd/mm/yy - Kick-the-tyres test release released. 1 week for wider testing and feedback.
  • dd/mm/yy - RC1
  • dd/mm/yy - 2.2.0 released.

Requests to RM

This is a place for requests to the RM for this release:

  • Please review the Wording page. <--

Planned Release Announcement Text

Audacity 2.2.0 replaces all previous versions.

New and changed in Audacity 2.2.0:

  • feature
  • feature

Thanks to....

Headline Features

  • feature
  • feature

Longstanding Bugs swatted

These are low numbered bugs that were dealt with in this release.

no bugzilla tickets were found

Headline Features (held over)

Take these with a big grain of salt... they could be vapourware.

  • More compact and more flexible menu on tracks.
  • Color-selectable Spectrogram (later will go when we have theming)
  • Export Multiple - More flexibility in automatic naming.

Operating system support

  • Audacity 2.2.0 is planned to be the final version for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. It may even be that 2.13 was the last Snow Leopard release.

Won't be reported on

These were some pieces of work done that won't be reported on in the release announcement.


RM's list

  • Patches to wxWidgets need to be better documented. What is each patch for? Need to be applied to our GitHub copy of wxWidgets too.
  • Update workarounds for wxWidgets page, and track any reports back via wxWidgets Trac.
  • Linux ASSERT Issues Not addressed yet to a safe level. We need code to guarantee we are building with patched wxWidgets under linux, I think.
  • Pulse Audio issue leads to plan to keep sound card steams open.
  • Silent write failure on disk full is reported on Wikipedia and needs to be cleared.

So is the Manual Release Ready?

This page lists pages that refer to 'ToDo-1' in the manual.

  • Manual team now maintain a div with the manual status on it on the front page.
  • Manual team also maintain a Clean-up Plan for dealing with P1s and critical P2s

So is the Code Release Ready?

This query shows us possibly problematic P1 and P2 bugs right now. If there is a P1 in there, the answer is 'NO'. The P2s need closer examination, and RM may decide that one or more of them block release, even at the last moment. The PXs (if any) might possibly be P1s - so we need to know about them.

IDPStatusSummary (39 tasks) ID
1567P1NEWMac Sierra: LAME, FFmpeg and some plugins disappear. (intermittent)1567
1614P1NEWCrash duplicating a clip1614
651P2NEWSummary: WDM/KS issues651
1305P2NEWEnh: Improve recall and customisation of starting Save and Export directories.1305
1446P2NEW(Mac and Linux) Audacity does not launch if TempDir is on a FAT/exFAT file system1446
665P2NEWSummary: AU and VST crash and hang bugs665
1603P2NEW(mac) AUNBandEQ crashes Audacity1603
1460P2NEWMoonphase: Bass and Treble cannot be opened when audio is playing or does not affect playback1460
935P2NEWOld modules shipped with Audacity 1.3.x crash Audacity after enabling the modules in Preferences.935
300P2NEWSummary: Building and linking issues.300
1499P2NEWLinux: ASSERT on check dependencies1499
1412P2NEWLinux: ASSERT failure in EndModal(): when closing modeless real/empty "Help on the Internet" pair.1412
550P2NEWEnh: Add Directories Preference to export to directory the file came from550
1244P2NEWVAMP: QM 1.7.1 plugins crash Audacity on opening Plug-in Manager.1244
1509P2NEWLinux: ASSERT / possible crash OK'ing Preferences with label track present, project window resized to small width1509
42P2NEWTimer Record carries on recording past the scheduled end, requiring force quit42
1432P2NEWUndocking Toolbars removes track focus, and drag or resize of undocked toolbars removes the control's focus border1432
652P2NEWSummary: WASAPI issues652
1319P2NEWExcessive delays repeatedly opening/closing long projects on Windows (sometimes)1319
1590P2NEWMac: Duplicate working plugins not removed from previous installation1590
1453P2NEWEffects that are no longer available still in the Effect menu, which is a problem for previously shipped effects1453
880P2NEWRTP preview does not supply latency compensation.880
1331P2NEWEnh: Cannot use SPACE to play with mouse left button down.1331
1608P2NEWLV2 Chain problems: LV2s crash when used in Chains, or are unavailable in Chains if the LADSPA version is also enabled1608
276P2NEWPULSE-AUDIO issues. Freeze repeatedly starting/stopping streams.276
939P2NEWMac: Clicky playback and recording (both with Soundflower and external devices)939
1492P2NEWUsing Scrub Ruler to start Scrub or then change to Seek removes the selection1492
1404P2NEWVSTs with bypass button cease to function if the plugin is closed with bypass button unchecked.1404
437P2NEWWrite fails without error message box on disk full437
1227P2NEWOSX: Audacity "System" language choice always produces English irrespective of Mac system locale.1227
1502P2NEWVST and AU: effects preview incorrectly if track rate not 44100 Hz or project rate differs from track rate1502
41P2NEWEnh: Changes in available devices not detected without restart41
1416P2REOPENEDClicking in Timeline or Scrub bar removes focus1416
73P2REOPENEDChains: all effects should remember settings applied via chain and Effect menu independently73
1329P2REOPENED(OS X) ENTER does not close/apply effects unless user has turned on Full Keyboard Access1329
218P2REOPENEDExcessive delays fitting long projects to window, and progress dialog whited out after import or effect.218
1338P2REOPENEDMac: Opening non-RTP effect while Voxengo Span is open freezes Audacity, as does opening Span options.1338
1073P2REOPENEDAudacity language set to "System" sets Traditional Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese incorrectly.1073
139P2REOPENEDSummary: Mac accessibility weaknesses139

RM Watchlist

These are bugs the RM is paying particular attention to that usually are not in the list above.

IDPStatusSummary (7 tasks) ID
1244P2NEWVAMP: QM 1.7.1 plugins crash Audacity on opening Plug-in Manager.1244
437P2NEWWrite fails without error message box on disk full437
279P3NEWMouse Bindings are not currently configurable by the user.279
641P3REOPENEDAppend record causes spurious playthrough and may crash.641
1119P3REOPENEDMac: Window menu's list of open windows not available1119
1198P3RESOLVEDMac system "minimize" shortcuts ignored.1198
1205P3RESOLVEDEnh: Edits and other functionality unavailable while in Pause mode1205

Scrubbing/Seeking Bugs

IDPStatusSummary (25 tasks) ID
1451P2RESOLVEDOn Mac the background of the Pinned/Unpinned button is not the same color as the Timeline1451
1457P2RESOLVEDTransport Menu "Scrub" and "Seek" do not correctly indicate when either Scrubbing mode is active1457
1478P2RESOLVEDCannot generate or record after starting and stopping Scrub Mode with no audio present1478
1458P2RESOLVEDScrubbing Toolbar buttons do not update to show the action they will perform1458
1477P3NEWMac: Sticky Tooltips1477
1476P3NEWHorizontal Scroll serves no useful purpose when Scrubbing or Seeking1476
966?P3REOPENEDEnh: Effortful/unintuitive to scroll-scrub at 1x speed without mousewheel or from start/end of project966
1053P3REOPENED[Scrub Phase I] Status Bar message does not mention scrub if pointer over waveform1053
1421P3RESOLVEDWhen Scrubbing the Play button in the Transport Toolbar should not change its icon1421
1479P4NEWScrubbing buttons or menus do not change Scrubbing type if transport is not initiated1479
1490P4NEWThe Scrub pointer is not consistent on Ubuntu1490
1423P4REOPENEDEnh: Click & drag in the Scrub Bar should invoke scrubbing not seeking1423
1419?P4REOPENEDConfusing and unnecessary widget change when clicking in Scrub Bar1419
1455P4RESOLVEDWindows/Linux: Scrub Bar button background colour darker than Timeline/other toolbar buttons1455
1414P4RESOLVEDGreen triangles in scrub bar sometimes appear and sometimes don't1414
1487P4RESOLVEDScrub and Seek are enabled when there is no audio to operate on1487
1467P4RESOLVEDNew pref for pinned head should move to the Prefs>Tracks1467
928P4RESOLVEDPlayhead does not move immediately after restarting scroll-scrub from track start, then playback starts late928
1452P4RESOLVEDOn Mac the Show Scrub Bar button does not display properly when down1452
1481P4RESOLVEDClicking the Scrub or Seek button twice corrupts Selection Start and Audio Position1481
1422P4RESOLVEDChanging to temporary seeking from Scrub Bar does not activate the seek button1422
926P4RESOLVEDScrub play continues after end of project926
1489P5NEWStray ticks in Timeline after stopping Scrub Mode with Scrub Bar open1489
1475P5NEWEnh: Default shortcuts for Scrub and Seek1475
1456P5REOPENEDScrub Bar tooltip is incorrect on mouse down because there is no separate tooltip for that state1456

Linux: ASSERT Bugs

These (may) be bugs caused by higher default error checking in wx3 release builds.

IDPStatusSummary (8 tasks) ID
1412P2NEWLinux: ASSERT failure in EndModal(): when closing modeless real/empty "Help on the Internet" pair.1412
1499P2NEWLinux: ASSERT on check dependencies1499
1401P2RESOLVEDLinux: ASSERT (Intermittent) opening new projects.1401
1174P3REOPENEDLinux: ASSERT error after quit by any method1174
1232P4NEWLinux: ASSERT resizing window when zoomed in on label1232
1413P4NEWLinux: ASSERT (Intermittent) when time shifting audio clips1413
1504P4NEWLinux: ASSERT (frequent) when pasting audio within a clip1504
908P4NEWLinux: ASSERT playing audio after adding a label908

Bugs Addressed in this Release

There are lots of tables here with information about work done on bugs for this version.

These bugs and fixes probably won't be reported on individually. However we should report on the P2s that we have fixed and summarise the general trend.

Updated in this Release

These are bugs which we knew about before we started on this version, and have updated, and that are now DEVEL-FIXED or better. Often that will mean we DEVEL-FIXed them for this release.

IDPStatusResolutionSummary (5 tasks) ID
198P3RESOLVEDFIXEDSnap-To does not move cursor when first enabled/selection format changed198
1051P4ASSIGNEDHelp button for Effects, Generators and Analyzers1051
613P4DEVEL - FIX MADEMenu key deselects track613
809P4DEVEL - FIX MADESpectral selection is not persistent, as the time selection is.809
830P5DEVEL - FIX MADEPaste destroys envelope information in the clipboard830

These are also bugs which we knew about before we started work on this version, and have updated, and that are currently in REOPENED state. Often that will mean that we REOPENED them for this release.

IDPStatusSummary (5 tasks) ID
1338P2REOPENEDMac: Opening non-RTP effect while Voxengo Span is open freezes Audacity, as does opening Span options.1338
139P2REOPENEDSummary: Mac accessibility weaknesses139
646P3REOPENEDSummary: VST List of Plugins - Residual Issues.646
878P3REOPENEDBuilt in Generators don't work correctly in Chains878
33P3REOPENEDSummary: Accessibility issues33

Quick-Fix attempted for this version

These are bugs which we learned about during work on this version, and have attempted to fix. See status to see if we were successful.

1611P4DEVEL - FIX MADESelect none leaves timeline and selection times temporarily incorrect1611

Quick-Fixed in this version

1610P1RESOLVEDQUICKFIXEDUnable to save projects1610

NEW in this version

These are new bugs which we learned about during work on this version.

IDPStatusSummary (12 tasks) ID
1614P1NEWCrash duplicating a clip1614
1608P2NEWLV2 Chain problems: LV2s crash when used in Chains, or are unavailable in Chains if the LADSPA version is also enabled1608
1619P3NEWClipfix may cause Audacity to freeze or crash on long selections1619
1617P4NEWClipfix very slow1617
1612P4NEWZoom factor lost1612
1621P4NEWClipfix silently fails on long selections1621
1616P4NEWClipfix fails if selection is a multiple of 100000 samples1616
1609P4NEW(mac) Crashes quitting with mod-nyq-bench enabled1609
1613P4NEWEnh: Audacity should be able to record at the cursor position, not just at track end.1613
1620P4NEWClipfix process dialog counts up rather than down1620
1615P4NEWIcon for Shift modified record button needs changing1615
1618P5NEWClipfix fails to correct clipped audio that lies on a buffer boundary1618

Below the Fold

Notes that are relevant to next release.
WIBN= "Wouldn't It Be Nice".

Developer WIBN lists are list of things they are actively looking at. QA/Support WIBN lists are lists of things they are lobbying for. These are aspirational changes. The closer we get to the planned release date the less likely the ones still listed in this section are to be in.

James' WIBN List

  • 276 [P2] Repeatedly start/stopping Pulse Audio. A fix by keeping the audio card open. Also means monitoring persists.
  • Diags - Glitch detection (counting) of overruns and underruns.
  • Diags - Command line options, and run very simple test, e.g. generate DTMF from Travis build to get us started on automated test.
  • Diags - mod-diag as built-in module. Also to help get built-in modules working for other reasons.
  • Diags - mod-diag actually with a GUI window so we can see diags and reset them live.
  • Diags - Automatically generate screenshot for each effects dialog.

James' Notes

Already seem to be making promises for 2.2.0

  • "We'll look into more unicode use during development of 2.2.0"
  • Bring new menus from DA into Audacity
    • Peter 21Nov16: don't forget David's new Edit menu entries
      1. Store Cursor Position
      2. Select>Cursor to Saved Cursor Position
  • Bring (option of) Dark Theme into Audacity.
  • Bug 437 - Paul's extended solution.
  • PULSE Audio. Starting/Stopping.

General News/Activity

  • Viktor working on (LADSPA?) percussion/harmonic separation effect.
  • Luciano working on spectral colouring.

Enabled / Disabled

This is current status/plan:

  • WDM-KS out (considering a module, but not for 2.1.3 needs work on test support)
  • MIDI_OUT out.
  • Updated PortAudio

Steve's WIBN List

  • 683: Excessive amplification causes NaNs.

Buanzo WIBN List

  • Bugzilla_report, Maths and SoundManager2Button Extensions to wiki.

Gale WIBN List

Vaughan WIBN List

  • Updated Logo/Text (via Chris F).

Paul/Leland WIBN List

Luciano#s WIBN List

  • Customisable spectral colours.

Peter's WIBN list


  • Configurable Mouse Prefs.
  • Far fewer binding prefs set up by default. The most common high value ones only. Instead use import for a fully populated list, if desired. Power users (the people who use all the shortcuts) will typically set up their own.
  • MultiButtons


  • Leland's analyze effects whilst recording.
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