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RM keeps this page up to date during RMing - especially the Timeline. The selected bug progress lists on this page are automatically populated by BugzillaReports


TBA has set TBA as the tentative date for mid term beta

  • 6th December 2017 - Release 2.2.1.
  • 7th December 2017 - 2.2.2 RM to be decided <--- We are here
  • TBA - Mid term Beta
  • TBA - Code Freeze
  • TBA - 2.2.2 Released

Requests to the RM

This is a place for requests to the RM for this release:

  • Please review the Wording page. <--

Planned Release Announcement Text

Audacity 2.2.2 replaces all previous versions.

New and changed in Audacity 2.2.2

  • feature
  • feature

Thanks to....

Headline Features

  • TBA

W.I.P. Features intended for 2.2.2

  • TBA
  • Easy cfg reset

Longstanding Bugs swatted

These are low numbered bugs that were dealt with in this release.

no bugzilla tickets were found

Headline Features (held over)

Take these with a big grain of salt... they could be vapourware.

  • Export Multiple - More flexibility in automatic naming.

Operating system support

  • TBA if we move past 10.6 on Mac, this will have implications for Mac support

Won't be reported on

These were some pieces of work done that won't be reported on in the release announcement.

  • TBA


RM's list

  • Patches to wxWidgets need to be better documented. What is each patch for? Need to be applied to our GitHub copy of wxWidgets too.
  • Build instructions on Wiki must be brought up to date.

So is the Manual Release Ready?

This page lists pages that refer to 'ToDo-1' in the manual.

  • Manual team now maintain a div with the manual status on it on the front page.
  • Manual team also maintain a Clean-up Plan for dealing with P1s and critical P2s

So is the Code Release Ready?

This query shows us possibly problematic P1 and P2 bugs right now. If there is a P1 in there, the answer is 'NO'. The P2s need closer examination, and RM may decide that one or more of them block release, even at the last moment. The PXs (if any) might possibly be P1s - so we need to know about them.

IDPStatusSummary (20 tasks) ID
939P2NEWMac: Clicky playback and recording (both with Soundflower and external devices)939
1462P2NEWTimer Record does not check that there is sufficient space for Export1462
1244P2NEWWindows: VAMP: QM 1.7.1 plugins crash Audacity on opening Plug-in Manager.1244
133P2NEWEnh: Play-at-Speed slider: Change of playback speed is no longer automatic133
1534P2NEWLinux: Malformed tooltips/"Untitled window" in taskbar when clicking or hovering over toolbar sliders1534
1412P2NEWLinux: ASSERT failure in EndModal(): when closing modeless real/empty "Help on the Internet" pair.1412
665P2NEWSummary: AU and VST crash and hang bugs665
42P2NEWTimer Record occasionally carries on recording past the scheduled end, requiring force quit42
1509P2NEWLinux: ASSERT / possible crash OK'ing Preferences with label track present, project window resized to small width1509
1319P2NEWWindows: Excessive delays repeatedly opening/closing long projects (sometimes)1319
1754P2NEW(Mac) Equalization: "Telephone" curve displays a flat line, no sound on Preview1754
1355P2NEW"Other uncompressed files" does not (visually) update target file extension according to the chosen "Header" type1355
276P2NEWLinux: PULSE-AUDIO issues. Freeze repeatedly starting/stopping streams.276
33P2REOPENEDSummary: Accessibility issues33
1329P2REOPENED(OS X) ENTER does not close/apply effects unless user has turned on Full Keyboard Access1329
218P2REOPENEDWindows: Excessive delays fitting long projects to window, and progress dialog whited out after import or effect.218
1432P2REOPENEDMac: Undocking Toolbars removes track focus, and drag or resize of undocked toolbars removes the control's focus border1432
1183P2REOPENEDLinux: Spectrograms settings too tall for netbook screens and high dpi monitors1183
139P2REOPENEDSummary: Mac Accessibility Issues139
1416P2REOPENEDLinux: Clicking in Timeline or Scrub bar removes focus1416

RM Watchlist

These are bugs the RM is paying particular attention to that usually are not in the list above.

IDPStatusSummary (3 tasks) ID
1244P2NEWWindows: VAMP: QM 1.7.1 plugins crash Audacity on opening Plug-in Manager.1244
1119P3REOPENEDMac: Window menu's list of open windows not available1119
1776P4NEWSide by Side errors1776

Bugs Addressed in this Release

There are lots of tables here with information about work done on bugs for this version.

These bugs and fixes probably won't be reported on individually. However we should report on the P2s that we have fixed and summarise the general trend.

Updated in this Release

These are bugs which we knew about before we started on this version, and have updated, and that are now DEVEL-FIXED or better. Often that will mean we DEVEL-FIXed them for this release.

IDPStatusResolutionSummary (2 tasks) ID
1554P3DEVEL - FIX MADEToolbars: open undocked if previously not shown, unless Reset Toolbars first1554
963P4DEVEL - FIX MADEControl value may be out of range when using FloatingPointValidator963

These are also bugs which we knew about before we started work on this version, and have updated, and that are currently in REOPENED state. Often that will mean that we REOPENED them for this release.

no bugzilla tickets were found

Quick-Fix attempted for this version

These are bugs which we learned about during work on this version, and have attempted to fix. See status to see if we were successful.

no bugzilla tickets were found

Quick-Fixed in this version

no bugzilla tickets were found

NEW in this version

These are new bugs which we learned about during work on this version.

IDPStatusSummary (2 tasks) ID
1799P4NEWUn-muting with a single track unnecessarily activates the Solo button1799
1800P4NEWCustom shortcuts can be overwritten without warning using Full set or importing shortcuts1800

Below the Fold

Notes that are relevant to next release.
WIBN= "Wouldn't It Be Nice".

Developer WIBN lists are list of things they are actively looking at. QA/Support WIBN lists are lists of things they are lobbying for. These are aspirational changes. The closer we get to the planned release date the less likely the ones still listed in this section are to be in.

James' WIBN List

  • 276 [P2] Repeatedly start/stopping Pulse Audio. A fix by keeping the audio card open. Also means monitoring persists.
  • Diags - Glitch detection (counting) of overruns and underruns.
  • Diags - Command line options, and run very simple test, e.g. generate DTMF from Travis build to get us started on automated test.
  • Diags - mod-diag as built-in module. Also to help get built-in modules working for other reasons.
  • Diags - mod-diag actually with a GUI window so we can see diags and reset them live.
  • Diags - Automatically generate screenshot for each effects dialog.

James' Notes

Already seem to be making promises for future versions:

  • "We'll look into more unicode use during development"
  • PULSE Audio. Starting/Stopping.

General News/Activity

  • Viktor working on (LADSPA?) percussion/harmonic separation effect.
  • Luciano working on spectral colouring.

Enabled / Disabled

This is current status/plan:

  • WDM-KS out (considering a module, but not for 2.1.3 needs work on test support)
  • MIDI_OUT out.
  • Updated PortAudio

Steve's WIBN List

  • 683: Excessive amplification causes NaNs.

Buanzo WIBN List

  • TBA

Gale WIBN List

Paul/Leland WIBN List

Peter's WIBN list



  • Leland's analyze effects whilst recording.
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