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Steve 31Jul17: This page is likely to become redundant. Please consider linking to the appropriate "Installing alpha nightlies on" page rather than here. For example, for macOS nightlies: Installing_alpha_nightlies_on_macOS_/_Mac_OS_X
Warning icon Nightly builds are alpha builds from the latest development code. By their nature these builds are likely to contain bugs or might even cause data loss. If you are looking for a stable released version of Audacity for production work, don't use the nightly builds. Instead get an official released version of Audacity from our normal Downloads page.

For those who want to test the latest code in these builds, we value your help greatly. Please report problems or give us feedback. This will directly help to improve the quality of the following release.

Binaries for Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

Recent nightly builds are available at FossHub.

Frequent (but not necessarily nightly) alpha builds in "Release" configuration (.zip) are available from the latest GIT trunk.

Instructions (zip): Extract the contents of the zip to a new folder and double-click audacity.exe from that new folder to launch it. It will not affect any other installed version of Audacity you may have.

Universal Binaries for Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Current alpha builds are available at FossHub.

They are configurations made from the latest GIT trunk commits

Please see Installing alpha nightlies on macOS / Mac OS X for information on how to install these nightlies.

GNU / Linux

Daily alpha build installation packages for Ubuntu (based on Git trunk) are at Please check the build status top right of the daily builds page. If you require these builds, follow the instructions on that page to add the PPA to Ubuntu and authenticate it before installing a package for the first time.

If after installing the PPA you wish to disable further updates, disable the PPA repository at System > Administration > Update Manager > Settings > Other Software or similar.

See Developing On Linux and our Compiling Audacity Step by Step Guide if you wish to compile the latest Audacity code yourself.


Your feedback on how new features work and on the stability of the builds is invaluable to us. Please check Release Notes for known issues. Please report new issues found to our feedback address.

Please remember to tell us:
  • The date of the build (Help > About Audacity, or Audacity > About Audacity on Mac)
  • The exact operating system you are using (for example, Windows 7 SP1 or Mac OS X 10.10.4).

Build Automation

If at some future date we want to automate the building of Audacity on multiple platforms (using virtualisation), a server we could use is at OSUOSL. According to their FAQ, the required guest operating systems are Linux-based (plus there will be two OS X machines available for testing).