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Peter 15Dec15: ToDo-1 this page is way out of date and requires refreshing.


Alpha of 1st May 2015

This is an Alpha build which we are giving slightly wider circulation than usual for an alpha. We want to get a clearer picture of where we are. We want to check for unexpected consequences of some of the substantial library changes we have made and try out new features.

  • Nyquist, LV2 and FLAC libraries changed. The first two affect effects. FLAC library change affects exports/imports of FLAC format.
  • Audacity should now run at an acceptable speed on projects with about 4 hours of audio in them. This is thanks to a much faster autosave feature. However this change could have an impact on how well autosave works. If so, we want to know!
  • Built in effects are now treated more like plug-ins and have a button to manage presets.
    • Gale 01May15: Don't forget to test all effects on Mac and non-English languages on all OS'es. These were both very suspect when last tested by me.
  • Chains should be better at remembering parameters.
    • Gale 01May15: Separation of Chain parameters from settings stored for use in Effect Menu works well on Windows.
  • Scrubbing has been implemented. Please give it a try.
    • Peter 26May15: Paul implemented his revised UI. After several bug-fixes this is now working well.
  • Quick-Play feature
    • Gale 01May15: If Timeline selection dragging is enabled, Quick-Play at the same place removes the selection in the waveform.
    • Gale 06May15: Steve has fixed this now.

After 1st May

  • Leland made changes to yield in progress dialogues. Are the progress dialogues still OK - do they still Cancel as expected and show reasonable estimates of time remaining in text and graphic? Does anything bad happen if you mouse around in unexpected places in the dialogue?

NEW FEATURE: Scrubbing

Scrubbing works only in Select and Multi tool.

  • Middle-click-drag to scrub, or to seek when shift is down.
    • Control wheel to vary the speed limit, while scrubbing (not seeking).
  • Middle-double-click-drag to scrub or (with SHIFT down) to seek while keeping the playhead at the midline of the track display.
    • Speed of play and direction of play is controlled by dragging left/right from the center of waveform display
  • The transcription toolbar determines the initial scrubbing speed each time you start scrubbing.
    • Peter 03May15: Paul is considering removing the linkage of scrubbing with the Transcription Toolbar.
  • The scrubbing position on completion can be marked with a left-click mouse gesture (moves the cursor to that position)
    • Gale 03May15: If the playhead has not caught up with the pointer when you want to mark the position you heard, you can use SHIFT + A to stop and set cursor. But there is a problem after you use SPACE or SHIFT + A while middle mouse button is down - the mouse no longer functions in the track container (so you can't restart scrub, click in the waves or other actions). To regain control you must move the mouse outside the track container (no need to click).
    • Also notice changes to status bar messages and the Mouse Preferences dialog.
  • There is an intention to change middle-drag to ctrl-(double-)click. Using the middle (wheel) button for it works well for some mice and hands, but enough people had problems with it that the changed binding is thought to be better.
    • Peter 26May15: Paul implemented his revised (and .much more usable) UI.
      • I have been testing this on W7 for Paul and after several bug-fixes all appears to be well. I can see nothing that would impede release in 2.1.1


Peter 01May15: The best description of this functionality is in the alpha Manual:

There is also the Looping Tutorial which is relevant to Timeline Quick-Play: see this section of the page.

It will be helpful if users can "test" the veracity and accuracy of these manual pages in addition to testing the software.

  • Peter 06May15: Steve's changes in commit c487b92 "Improve selection handling in Quick-Play " appear to work well on W7 HP 64-bit (see Talk page for details)
    • Gale 07May15: Yes it works fine on Mac too.
  • Peter 08May15: I have been working with Steve doing some intensive testing on the upgraded Timeline and Quick-Play on W7-HP 64-bit. I am happy now with Steve's latest update e9b2d0f that it is working as intended for 2.1.1 and that we have set suitable defaults for TQP behavior. The Documentation for Timeline and TQP should also be ready (subject to editorial review).

Binary AUTOSAVE files sometimes crash on recovery (Windows)

  • Gale 10May15: After the change to binary files I can't recover crashed projects on Windows 7 x64 unless I run Audacity from its build directory, because pressing the option to Recover crashes. Paul L has also received such crashes. However on Win 7 32-bit (without Visual Studio) I don't have this problem. Please do some force quits of Audacity on your version of Windows and post below as to whether you can recover the projects or whether the recovery crashes.
    • Peter 12May15: W7-HP 64-bit: I did a couple of forced "crashes" which recovered ok - and I had to do it for real this morning when I got a moonphase crash when opening a second large project - the original project restored properly (for which I was extremely grateful as a fair amount of work had bee expended on it thus far).
    • Gale 15May15: Peter, do you have any drive letters other than C:\, if so you can test placing HEAD there? My current testing shows that the recovery crashes every single time if HEAD is on my S:\ partition, but not if it is on C:\ (installed or not makes no difference). S:\ only has 5 GB of space but I don't want to clean it up yet in case that is relevant. The change to binary AUTOSAVE files is directly related to this - the build before the change (and 2.1.0 release) do not crash.
      • Peter 15May15: No, sorry Gale - I only have that C:\ drive and no partitions. Never needed 'em, don't want 'em.
      • James (talk) 16:07, 15 May 2015 (EDT) USB Key fob could be used for a small drive?
      • Gale 17May15: Tried that with a 4 GB USB flash drive, using Portable Settings folder on the drive and Audacity temp folder on the drive, then tried temp folder on C:\. No crashes when recovering. HEAD on S:\ always crashes, referencing msvcr120.dll, unless I copy the release build folder from C:\ to S:\ and run that from S:\ then mostly it doesn't crash (but did so once). Checkdisk does not find fault with S:\. Perhaps I'll back S:\ up then format it and see what happens.
      • Gale 19May15: Formatted S:\ as NTFS (as before). Still crashes when nothing else is on the drive except the Audacity folder. Other partitions that contain Win 8.1 and Win XP respectively do not crash. I've now loaded the partition up with the stored files it had before.

Known Issues

  • (Linux) Do not build with wx3. it does not work with wx3.
    • Gale 01May15:
      • This 'More...' feature is inconvenient for the use case of adding another individual plug-in. It disregards the Effects Preference "Check for Audacity plug-ins next time Audacity is started" - you still have to press "More..." to load the new effect. Unlike before, you get presented with the complete list of effects, not just the one you added. Should not the new plug-in be at the top of Register Effects giving you an easy way to rescan just that?

        Also unless user realises they can access "More..." using the keyboard, it can be very awkward to get down to the bottom of a long, already populated Effect menu. I think this feature should be at the top of the Effect menu, or on an FX button in Edit Toolbar or similar. Such a button would be more discoverable if you add a Generator/Analyzer and look for it in vain in the menu it will actually appear in.

      • More... crashes sometimes for me on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04 when I use it after adding an effect or after exercising an effect that has a "Manage" button. Mac has not yet crashed using "More..." . Dump reports were triggered if someone wants to see them (please ask me here). A crash case which is replicable for me on both Windows and Ubuntu 14.04 is if an RTP effect is already open when rescanning using "More..." . Do we need to disable More... when an effect is open?

Other Issues

Please also report bugs or peculiarities in this version of Audacity, even if they do not appear to be directly related to the above changes.

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