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The text on this page should only be modified by subscribers to Audacity-devel mailing list.

To understand what this page is for and how it is used, please join that list or read the list archives on Sourceforge.
The discussion page can be used by anyone to make suggestions and comments about this page.

Peter 23Mar15: ToDo-1 this page is moribund, it has not been used for over five years. I propose that we delete it.

This is a page for tracking patches that have been submitted to audacity-devel. How patches are added here (or if we use another solution to track patches) isn't yet decided. For now, please include here a Nabble link to your email with the patch.

When patches on this list have been applied or rejected, move them to Patches Decided. Don't add patches here that have already been applied, track them via SVN.

Warning icon Add new patches to the bottom of the list so that older ones are more evident. Before assigning your new patch a number, please check Patches Decided to determine the next un-used patch number.

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