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Bugs fixed for 2.2.0

IDPStatusResolutionSummary (217 tasks) ID
1338P2RESOLVEDFIXEDMac: Opening non-RTP effect while Voxengo Span is open freezes Audacity, as does opening Span options.1338
1603P2RESOLVEDQUICKFIXED(mac) AUNBandEQ crashes Audacity1603
388P2RESOLVEDFIXEDMac: Recording Preferences has an unsupported "Hardware Playthrough" option388
1492P2RESOLVEDFIXEDUsing Scrub Ruler to start Scrub or then change to Seek removes the selection1492
1590P2RESOLVEDFIXEDMac: Duplicate working plugins not removed from previous installation1590
437P2RESOLVEDFIXEDWrite fails without error message box on disk full437
641P2RESOLVEDWORKSFORMEMoonphase: Append record with overdub may cause spurious playthrough and may crash.641
1404P2RESOLVEDFIXEDVSTs with bypass button cease to function if the plugin is closed with bypass button unchecked.1404
1227P2RESOLVEDQUICKFIXEDOSX: Audacity "System" language choice always produces English irrespective of Mac system locale.1227
1502P2RESOLVEDFIXEDVST and AU: effects preview incorrectly if track rate not 44100 Hz or project rate differs from track rate1502
889P2RESOLVEDFIXEDLinux: Audacity does not build with EXPERIMENTAL_MIDI_OUT defined.889
1073P2RESOLVEDFIXEDMac: Audacity language set to "System" sets Traditional Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese incorrectly.1073
290P2RESOLVEDFIXEDMac: LAME: Audacity looks for LAME in a restricted folder that Mac no longer supports290
1567P2RESOLVEDFIXEDMac Sierra: LAME, FFmpeg and some plugins disappear. (intermittent)1567
935P2RESOLVEDFIXEDMac/Win: Old modules shipped with Audacity 1.3.x crash Audacity after enabling the modules in Preferences.935
15P3CLOSEDINVALIDEnh: Scrolling/zooming behaviour doesn't preserve context of audio being worked with15
11P3CLOSEDWORKSFORMEOccasional corruption in list of motherboard inputs when USB device connected11
1053P3CLOSEDWONTFIX[Scrub Phase I] Status Bar message does not mention scrub if pointer over waveform1053
966?P3CLOSEDWONTFIXEnh: Effortful/unintuitive to scroll-scrub at 1x speed without mousewheel or from start/end of project966
12P3CLOSEDWONTFIXInput volume reset if changed before recording12
505P3CLOSEDWONTFIXTransport and Tools Toolbar buttons all display as Pause buttons505
574P3CLOSEDINVALIDMeter Toolbar: Vertical Orientation not remembered/respected574
39P3CLOSEDINVALIDAll Edit menu items to be consistently enabled and work consistently when select-all-on-none enabled39
735P3CLOSEDWORKSFORMEMixer Board: tracks are not added or removed when tracks exceed scroll width.735
173P3RESOLVEDFIXEDNyquist: comma not accepted as decimal separator for European locales173
1565P3RESOLVEDFIXEDWindows: Toolbars don't show tooltips when button is disabled1565
1188P3RESOLVEDFIXEDSpectrogram settings/preferences: No way to cancel applied changes.1188
509P3RESOLVEDFIXEDSoloing/unsoloing in Mixer Board does not repaint waveform colour until window or Track Panel refresh509
186P3RESOLVEDFIXEDSome interface elements invisible in "High Contrast" themes (or other themes including light-on-dark)186
1290P3RESOLVEDQUICKFIXED"Split New" clips cannot be dragged back into the track they came from.1290
1315P3RESOLVEDFIXEDAIFF extension always added for Other uncompressed files (or for any export format on Linux) after saving project or importing file1315
478P3RESOLVEDFIXEDDot symbols displayed in TimeTextCtrls in Farsi478
1165P3RESOLVEDFIXEDEnh: Keyboard preference key bindings can be way over to right1165
50P3RESOLVEDFIXEDCalculation of "disk space remains for recording (time)" incorrect when recording in 24 bit quality50
736P3RESOLVEDFIXEDLinux: Audacity HEAD shows almost no shortcuts in menus using Unity736
1516P3RESOLVEDFIXEDClips: Can't drag vertically if starting position of clip overlaps clip in target track1516
1607P3RESOLVEDFIXEDSome dialogs appear on primary monitor when Audacity is running on secondary monitor1607
36P3RESOLVEDFIXEDSummary: Mixer Board release-noted issues36
1292P3RESOLVEDFIXEDEnh: Zoom Normal (Ctrl+2) may move selection off screen1292
597P3RESOLVEDFIXEDImport RAW produces noise at 24-bit resolution597
729P3RESOLVEDFIXEDEdit Menu too long and separates commands that cut and delete between root and non-standard submenu.729
873P3RESOLVEDFIXEDConfusing behaviour importing / exporting AU presets, different to VST preset import/ export873
391P3RESOLVEDINVALIDSummary: Unintuitive behaviour of tracks and backgrounds when vertically scrolling or resizing windows391
481P3RESOLVEDWONTFIXMac: Native Instruments B4 / Guitar Rig v3 / v4 crash Audacity on launch481
842P3RESOLVEDFIXEDSet Rate on a non-empty wave track misbehaves (overlapping clips, distorted envelopes)842
1520P3RESOLVEDFIXEDTimeline Quick-Play plays selection/from editing cursor if snapping to seconds formats1520
1532P3RESOLVEDFIXEDToolbars fail to arrange correctly when maximizing or restoring main window size1532
198P3RESOLVEDFIXEDSnap-To does not move cursor when first enabled/selection format changed198
874P3RESOLVEDFIXEDApple Audio Units silently apply an imported preset874
527P3RESOLVEDFIXEDEnvelope corrupted when pasting audio clips into track527
1436P4CLOSEDWORKSFORMEFile based preferences are slow to retrieve.1436
67P4CLOSEDWONTFIXWording on Save dialog better as "Don't Save/Cancel/Save..." (more mac Like)67
76P4CLOSEDWORKSFORMEUsers insufficiently aware of "export" because the word is not found or understood76
89P4CLOSEDWORKSFORMECoreAudio crash when input device's sample rate is 44100 and the output device's sample rate is 4800089
80P4CLOSEDDUPLICATE"Automatically fit" preference: Time, Label, and Note tracks not re-fitted.80
1423P4CLOSEDWONTFIXEnh: Click & drag in the Scrub Bar should invoke scrubbing not seeking1423
882P4CLOSEDFIXEDWindows: RTP effects not grayed-out when no audio is selected882
1343P4CLOSEDINVALIDVarious translation errors...1343
572P4CLOSEDWORKSFORMEMeter Toolbar: Insufficient space between right-hand grab bar and right edge of project window572
77P4CLOSEDINVALIDRecordings of audio played in Audacity are truncated by approximately 100 ms77
1479P4CLOSEDWORKSFORMEScrubbing buttons or menus do not change Scrubbing type if transport is not initiated1479
197P4CLOSEDWORKSFORMEselect and cut/copy errors/mismatches197
1331P4CLOSEDWONTFIXEnh: Cannot use SPACE to play with mouse left button down.1331
82P4CLOSEDINVALID"Advanced Mixing Options": right channel of unsplit stereo pair called "Audio Track - Right"82
146P4CLOSEDINVALIDEnh: Equalization: Graph for log frequency scale does not accept points below 20 Hz146
209P4CLOSEDWORKSFORMEAdding labels without zooming in first displays ghost labels if you zoom in later209
1601P4CLOSEDDUPLICATEHovering over a tool shows an (empty) box but not tool tip1601
61P4CLOSEDWORKSFORMEDesynchronised tones playback61
562P4CLOSEDWORKSFORMEWin/Mac: Timer Record End Date Calendar prevents you going back to today562
631P4CLOSEDINVALIDSND-SEQ.sets global "S" to NIL631
1376P4CLOSEDWONTFIXEnh: "Naming newly recorded tracks" does not respect system time/date format1376
235P4CLOSEDINVALIDTranscription Toolbar Play-at-Speed slider: Change of playback speed auto-restarts from cursor235
32P4CLOSEDWONTFIXEnh: Allow overwrite of a closed project SAFELY32
570?P4DEVEL - FIX MADEAudio playback / Nyquist latency settings, not working correctly570
847P4DEVEL - FIX MADELinux: Menu display corruption opening menu items with the mouse847
351P4RESOLVEDMOVEDEnh: Refactor TrackPanel351
83P4RESOLVEDFIXEDSelection bugs when zoomed in83
405P4RESOLVEDFIXEDDraw Tool: Cmd does not prevent dragging adjacent samples405
1505P4RESOLVEDFIXEDWindow size not restored on launch (using virtual desktop)1505
1138P4RESOLVEDFIXEDDuplicated TAB key handling in label tracks1138
1260P4RESOLVEDFIXEDCant type "1" in the Project Rate text box1260
912P4RESOLVEDFIXEDTimeline Quick Play removes Play Lock region912
1009P4RESOLVEDFIXEDWrong interaction of Frequency Gain and Zero Padding in Spectrogram Preferences1009
634P4RESOLVEDFIXEDTimeline does not zoom correctly when playback is paused634
1051P4RESOLVEDFIXEDHelp button for Effects, Generators and Analyzers1051
757P4RESOLVEDFIXEDEnh: Reduce image size in dumped Manual757
1074P4RESOLVEDFIXEDRight- or middle- drag can move labels, but no Undo item results1074
800P4RESOLVEDFIXEDToo hard to select at split line and drag selection from there.800
1131P4RESOLVEDFIXEDTime-shifting stops while you drag cursor over empty area1131
843P4RESOLVEDFIXEDIncorrect preview in Noise Reduction, Compressor and Leveler when Pan or Gain are not defaults843
1383P4RESOLVEDFIXEDUsing Fn keys to leave envelope tool doesn't change pointer until moved above track.1383
363P4RESOLVEDMOVEDProvide a Reset Preferences command inside Audacity363
1523P4RESOLVEDFIXEDOK in Preferences changes language from "System" to the specific system locale1523
1160P4RESOLVEDFIXEDCrazy scale limits after duplicate1160
1576P4RESOLVEDFIXEDAssert when New Length is zero in Change Speed effect1576
236P4RESOLVEDFIXEDKeyboard Preferences: Seek command by letter does nothing236
958P4RESOLVEDFIXEDAmplify: Default maximum "Amplification (dB)" greys out OK and Preview if re-entered.958
1040P4RESOLVEDFIXEDMin/Max Frequency preferences should not affect Pitch (EAC) view1040
1065P4RESOLVEDWORKSFORMEInconsistent time shift effects on selection, when Shift is down1065
778P4RESOLVEDFIXEDSummary: Windows: NVDA Accessibility Issues (in wx3)778
1078?P4RESOLVEDFIXEDInconsistent track resizing for mono and stereo track controls1078
864P4RESOLVEDMOVEDProposal Zoom Toolbar864
322?P4RESOLVEDFIXED"Save Changes?" dialog does not indicate which project is being closed322
1134P4RESOLVEDFIXEDDrag to rearrange tracks generates excessive undo items1134
1541P4RESOLVEDQUICKFIXEDSkip to Start/End buttons don't show that they respect SHIFT usage1541
201P4RESOLVEDMOVEDsmarter track names201
1240P4RESOLVEDFIXEDEnh: Remove the "Useful External Links" Manual portlet from source code so it can be edited by Manual team.1240
543P4RESOLVEDWONTFIXMac: "Kind" information not sufficiently visible.543
1003P4RESOLVEDFIXEDSample editing with ctrl-drag can use the wrong envelope value1003
1044P4RESOLVEDFIXEDChoosing Spectral Selection log(f) or Pitch (EAC) Default View Mode breaks waveform creation in 2.1.0 or earlier1044
1069P4RESOLVEDFIXEDTime-shift tool strangeness for label tracks1069
789P4RESOLVEDFIXEDLinux: NUMPAD keys do not type in Nyquist Effects.789
1100P4RESOLVEDFIXEDExport options not shown when export dialog first opened1100
841P4RESOLVEDFIXEDPreferences file exposed to simultaneous updates during initialization841
84P4RESOLVEDWORKSFORMEWhen Transport Toolbar is undocked, its associated shortcuts only work if the main application has focus.84
1152P4RESOLVEDFIXEDNull pointer encountered when zooming in1152
503P4RESOLVEDFIXEDTools Toolbar: Buttons lack shading when active503
1566P4RESOLVEDFIXEDIncorrect error message if Nyquist returns mono sound as an array1566
1208P4RESOLVEDFIXEDSpectrogram vertical zoom-in is limited to ten bins1208
224P4RESOLVEDFIXEDLabel text boxes: Drag and select doesn't select whole words properly224
1262P4RESOLVEDWORKSFORMEEnvelope pointer does not revert to I-beam after adjusting envelope1262
281P4RESOLVEDDUPLICATEaudacity crashed with SIGSEGV in Mixer::MixVariableRates() [Play at Speed]281
68P4RESOLVEDFIXEDVertical scale only has zeros when displaying Waveform (dB) view at -48 dB68
920P4RESOLVEDFIXEDBackward playback when selection beyond end of the project920
1015P4RESOLVEDDUPLICATEVertical scale at -48 dB range shows 0 as minimum until zoomed.1015
1075P4RESOLVEDFIXEDLyrics window does updates wrong1075
809P4RESOLVEDFIXEDSpectral selection is not persistent, as the time selection is.809
1132P4RESOLVEDFIXEDInappropriate snap lines in time shift tool1132
381P4RESOLVEDFIXEDSummary: mw2html issues381
90P4RESOLVEDFIXEDMac: (PPC) Envelope points do not restore properly when reopening a saved project90
463P4RESOLVEDFIXEDIncorrect Timeline numbering463
136P4RESOLVEDMOVEDNew "Project Manager" browser136
1531P4RESOLVEDFIXEDTimeline Quick-Play selection dragging creates subliminal selection if no selection existed before drag1531
1161P4RESOLVEDFIXEDCrazy scale limits after right click in waveform dB vertical ruler, then change to linear1161
1583P4RESOLVEDFIXED"Pinned" play head preference requires restart1583
239P4RESOLVEDINVALIDClicking label text with Zoom Tool zooms instead of merely opening the label for editing239
1041P4RESOLVEDFIXEDFrequency gain spectrogram preference should not affect Pitch (EAC) view1041
1066P4RESOLVEDWORKSFORMEYellow snap lines may appear when time-shifting clips vertically only1066
1092P4RESOLVEDFIXEDSpectral edit shelves and parametric eq process selection when nothing to do1092
511P4RESOLVEDFIXEDContrast tool gives incorrect error message for stereo tracks instead of analyzing.511
1431P4RESOLVEDFIXEDMinimizing project on Mac does not hide undocked toolbars1431
1135P4RESOLVEDFIXEDRight- or middle-click in track control panel sometimes changes the set of selected tracks1135
1552P4RESOLVEDQUICKFIXEDRecord button greyed out while playback paused1552
1187P4RESOLVEDFIXEDSpectrogram range not checked for min < max on Apply button1187
1258P4RESOLVEDMOVEDEnh: Shorten Audio Track Dropdown Menu by hiding inapplicable items.1258
1005P4RESOLVEDFIXEDPencil tool should respond faster to rapid left-right dragging1005
1049P4RESOLVEDFIXEDSpectral edit effects fail on 0 Hz low frequency.1049
753P4RESOLVEDFIXEDSort Tracks by Name may misbehave with stereo tracks.753
1115P4RESOLVEDFIXEDInconsistent effect of click on track panel background1115
75P4RESOLVEDFIXEDTrackInfo lacks hover tooltips/ needs redesign for greater discoverability/usability75
362P4RESOLVEDFIXEDPan/Gain/Mute/Solo controls can be manipulated in Track Control Panel when not visible362
87P4RESOLVEDDUPLICATENyquist implementation: Excessive memory usage87
1469?P4RESOLVEDQUICKFIXEDShift key does not modify Play/Record buttons when Karaoke view has focus1469
446P4RESOLVEDMOVEDEnh: Multiple history windows only have generic "Undo History" title446
1156P4RESOLVEDFIXEDSlight discrepancies in vertical drags (envelope, draw, spectral selection)1156
184P4RESOLVEDMOVEDEnh: Paste into empty project does not fit the window184
1276P4RESOLVEDFIXEDSelection incorrect after applying Paulstretch1276
1038?P4RESOLVEDFIXEDSpectrogram log f vertical ruler duplicates low values1038
702P4RESOLVEDWORKSFORMELinux: Label Editor displays sub-second times as zero702
1059P4RESOLVEDFIXEDCertain edits are not disabled during playback, as was intended1059
1076P4RESOLVEDFIXEDSweeping playhead sometimes obliterates the point selection1076
819P4RESOLVEDFIXEDClipboard contents mutated by Paste when there is a difference of sample formats819
319P4RESOLVEDFIXEDBackspace with nothing selected erases whole track319
1419?P4RESOLVEDWORKSFORMEConfusing and unnecessary widget change when clicking in Scrub Ruler1419
383P4RESOLVEDFIXEDScreenshot Tools doesn't checkmark re-opened Toolbars bars in View Menu383
1491P4RESOLVEDFIXEDInno Setup fails to build installer on Windows 10.1491
1133P4RESOLVEDFIXEDRight- or middle-click and drag can sometimes rearrange tracks1133
470?P4RESOLVEDFIXEDManage Curves dialog UI - buttons incorrectly enabled, resize corrupts appearance470
1162P4RESOLVEDFIXEDBad scale limits when changing dB scale preferences1162
1231P4RESOLVEDQUICKFIXEDAccelerator keys not shown in track dropdown menu1231
249P4RESOLVEDFIXEDA track is always shown as being the focus249
1293P4RESOLVEDFIXEDUnable to mouse wheel zoom in beyond end of project1293
985P4RESOLVEDFIXEDImported Equalization curves do not appear until restart985
613P4RESOLVEDFIXEDMenu key deselects track613
1043P4RESOLVEDFIXEDPitch (EAC) Default View Mode from 2.1.0 misinterpreted as Spectral Selection by
1067P4RESOLVEDFIXEDImpossible snap positions flash for time-shift1067
785P4RESOLVEDFIXEDScreen readers may indicate tracks that cannot be muted as muted785
1093P4RESOLVEDFIXEDSelection in Waveform view deletes frequency selection1093
840P4RESOLVEDFIXEDMac/Linux: Multiple Audacity instances can run at same time840
784P5ASSIGNEDShift key cursors in audio tracks revert to I-beam during drag.784
107P5CLOSEDINVALIDLinux: Recovery action if project rate not supported by card107
327P5CLOSEDWORKSFORMESound Activated Recording does not allow pause/might prevent pause even when off327
78P5CLOSEDDUPLICATEEnh: "Automatically fit" preference: resized track snaps back to fit after any edit or gain/pan change78
502P5RESOLVEDQUICKFIXEDLabels may disappear if partly before time zero502
219P5RESOLVEDINVALIDPossible to launch more than one instance of Audacity.219
268P5RESOLVEDINVALIDaudacity crashed with SIGSEGV in Mixer::MixVariableRates()268
307P5RESOLVEDFIXEDSHIFT key makes Play button display as Loop Play307
1475P5RESOLVEDWONTFIXEnh: Default shortcuts for Scrub and Seek1475
451P5RESOLVEDFIXEDProjects can create overlong blockfiles which cause data loss on re-opening451
121P5RESOLVEDMOVEDLabels: further enhancements for dragging intuitiveness121
1218P5RESOLVEDFIXED"Other uncompressed files": AIFF defaults to 8-bit export.1218
35P5RESOLVEDWORKSFORMEOccasionally unreliable importing of WAV and AIFF files35
593P5RESOLVEDMOVEDEnh: Support for export/import support in Opus audio format593
718P5RESOLVEDFIXEDOn dual monitors the splash screen is positioned incorrectly718
830P5RESOLVEDFIXEDPaste destroys envelope information in the clipboard830
99P5RESOLVEDMOVEDEnh: Links from built-in text to Wiki to be locally over-ridable in the same way that links from built-in text to external html files can be99
145P5RESOLVEDWONTFIXULAW direct import via Import Raw and new menu shortcut145
260P5RESOLVEDFIXEDSync-lock button in edit toolbar not disabled during play and record260
625P5RESOLVEDINVALIDEnh: Precise slider adjustment windows would benefit from a hover tooltip625
352P5RESOLVEDMOVEDEnh: Add Context Sensitive Help to Preferences352
1456P5RESOLVEDFIXEDEnh: Scrub Bar tooltip is incorrect on mouse down because there is no separate tooltip for that state1456
108P5RESOLVEDFIXEDMiscellaneous OSS crashes108
175P5RESOLVEDFIXEDToolbar colours do not change properly to respect OS "Normal Contrast" Themes175
25P5RESOLVEDWORKSFORMETimeTextCtrl values truncated when screen font is anti-aliased25
769P5RESOLVEDFIXEDRegular Interval Labels may return more labels than requested.769
314P5RESOLVEDMOVEDEnh: Add ability to enumerate sublists to assist speech recognition software314
835P5RESOLVEDFIXEDEnvelope information does not paste perfectly835
106P5RESOLVEDWORKSFORMEIntermittent crashes using Undo command (irrespective of command being undone).106
261P5RESOLVEDFIXEDEqualization effect - curve can be edited in Graphic EQ mode261
798P5RESOLVEDINVALIDMinor inconsistency in the Export dialogs: "type" versus "format"798
112P5RESOLVEDMOVEDExport Multiple: customised "numbering" options112
1210P5RESOLVEDFIXEDUnfriendly Notch filter error message when Q too small1210
775P5RESOLVEDFIXEDCompressor preview incorrect for multiple tracks775
856P5RESOLVEDWORKSFORMEMouse pointer does not change to magnifying glass over audio track vertical scale if moving over clip line and up through another track type856
96P5RESOLVEDFIXED"Latency problem" warning when audio is pushed behind zero occurs for both tracks of a stereo pair96
143P5RESOLVEDFIXEDWindows: Rogue "Recent &Files" Status Bar entry generated by Effect menu143
1584P5RESOLVEDQUICKFIXEDPinned / Unpinned tool tip inconsistency1584

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