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    • Peter 20Jul17: Comments on windows about tweaks not working...
    • James 20Jul17: Works for me on Windows. You must have an older windows build.

Image Cache Tweaks

  • Done.png Lighter highlighting in TCP per Bug 1681
    • Peter 20Jul17: Tests ok on Windows and Mac
  • Done.png Highlight down for buttons as well as highlight up.
    • Peter 20Jul17: Tests ok on Windows and Mac
  • ToDo.png More visible highlight on Classic.
  • Done.png Larger image for thumbs on sliders, so that we can have big thumbs on hover.
    • Peter 20Jul17: On Mac I only see this on Light theme, not Classic or Dark. On Windows I don't see it at all.
    • James 20Jul17: It's very visible on Hi-Contrast. Only the hover thumb is bigger, and it is its outline that is bigger. On dark, the dark outline makes the lighter center work better.
  • Done.png Fix number 7 on Note track.
    • Peter 20Jul17: Good on Mac now - not so good still on Windows
  • Done.png On the Light theme, the graphics for labels have a dark blue fill, and black outline, which makes the outlines difficult to see.
    • Peter 20Jul17: Still the case on Windows . On Mac its now a gray fill (same as the Label track color?)
    • James 20Jul17: Should be same light blue as Labels text background colour.
  • Done.png Help icon is crinkly (not strictly a theme issue, but can be fixed by putting the icon into the theme.)
    • Peter 20Jul17: Windows help icon looks crinkly still (all 3 themes) - Mac help icon looks smooth

Theme Code

  • Done.png Use const on ImageCache data (by Henricj)
    • Done.png Fix ensuing lib-path issue (by Paul)
  • ToDo.png Invert selected label background and text on High Contrast (actually use custom colours, blue and white).
  • ToDo.png Enable and tweak Paul's label-hover colouring.
  • ToDo.png All cursor (line) colours themable
  • ToDo.png Abolish many pens and brushes and use the dynamic one.
  • ToDo.png Trawl all code for remaining hard coded images / colours.
  • ToDo.png Rearrange cache to more logical order.
    • Done.png Rearrange cache to more logical order Part I (remove dead images, and dome reordering).
  • ToDo.png Themable drop-downs for Device and Selection toolbars.
  • Done.png Use black for numbers on Note track on the Dark and High Contrast themes. The MIDI note colours assume a dark colour for the font.
In Note tracks (MIDI) most numbers on the channel toggles in the TCP are barely discernible in these two themes.
  • ToDo.png Light Theme big-button hover to have up and down colouring to better indicate what will happen if you click.
  • ToDo.png Dark Theme big-buttons to behave more like Light Theme, using split colouring.

Bigger Theme Projects

  • ToDo.png Audacity uses raw images, if available.
  • ToDo.png Raw images in github, and generate cooked image locally, e.g. for official release builds.
  • ToDo.png Cooked image built in using RC (on windows) sections (on linux)
  • ToDo.png Version migration scheme for themes.
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