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Translate Audacity

The Audacity software is translated into many languages. We need translators for other languages.

  • Help by translating the user interface into your language. Sign up to our audacity-translation mailing list.
  • A while back a volunteer brought the French translation up from 73% complete to 100%, and has continued to keep it up to date. We are looking for translators for other languages that have partial/old translations.

Our officially released documentation has never been completely translated. Partial translations of it are a bit pointless. We do however welcome offers of help to work on translating the sections of our alpha Manual that make the most difference, namely the 'Tour Guide' page and the FAQ. If we get these translated into several languages we may make a pdf of them for download. Otherwise they'll just be available in wiki to online searchers.

  • Suggestions on improving/streamlining the way we translate are welcome too.
  • Help us with making Audacity ready for right-to-left languages.

Topics for Translators

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