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If you have questions about the architectural design of Audacity, please post them here and the developers will answer them.

Some more information is available here:

  • HowAudacityWorks page describes some of the algorithms used within Audacity.
  • AudacityLibraries page describes the components that are combined together to make Audacity.

Cross Platform Library

Q: What widgets/controls library are you using, in order to be cross-platform?

A: wxwidgets:

Real Time Ability

Q: Are there any plans to add any real-time DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to Audacity? It really helps when you can tweak plugin settings as the audio is playing.

A: Agree. I'd love to see 'Postfish' (written by Monty) integrated into Audacity. It's a big change and needs to happen in evolutionary steps. I have a proposed route to it, which would start by providing a single effect, echo, as a real time effect. James 8th-March-07

Architectural Overview

Q: How can I get an overview of Audacity's architecture?

A: Download the source from CVS. Run Doxygen to get the brief class descriptions. Look at the subdivision into libraries that are outside the GUI. Ask questions here or on the development list.