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Other audio editing programs and how Audacity compares.

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Note: Some programs listed here are much more than just audio editors and the comparison isn't really valid.

  • Adobe Audition $299 USD
    OS: Windows 98, 2000, XP
    Comments: Similar capabilities to Audacity with these also available:
    Batch processing, Truncate Silence, Click Removal.
    Audition is Adobe's renamed version of the famous "CoolEdit" program which they bought from Syntrillium in 2004. (?)
  • Cubase SX (Steinberg) $799.99 USD
    OS: MacOS X; Windows 2000, XP
    Comments: Steinberg's music sequencing program.
  • GarageBand
    OS: MacOS X
    Comments: Easy for beginners; limited. Only available in the the iLife digital media package.
  • Nuendo (Steinberg) $1499.99
    OS: MacOS X; Windows 2000, XP
    Comments: Steinberg's multi-track recording program. Audacity has all the basic functions of Nuendo.
  • ProTools (Digidesign) ?
    OS: Windows 2000/XP; Mac OS 9.x/X
    Comments: The de facto standard of the pro audio industry for tracking and mixing. Higher-priced versions require additional hardware, except ProTools LE. Cumbersome at times, but the basic functions of Audacity closely emulate those of ProTools .

Comments from another user: I think the last statement misrepresents the situation. Pro Tools is a high level professional audio production environment with many features well beyond those offered by Audacity. On a very basic level, region/clip based editing is possible in Pro Tools and not in Audacity. Pro Tools (along with the other major sequencers/editors) also offers real time effects processing with automation, cross fade editing and so on... Pro Tools Free (which due to its price is a more relevant example for this Wiki page) is quite a lot more advanced than Audacity at this point, but unfortunately it has not been updated to work under modern operating systems (XP, OSX).

Comments from a third user: Comparing Audacity to Pro-Tools is not a fair fight, it's like comparing Notepad (or TextEdit) to Microsoft Word. Pro-Tools can do everything that Audacity does, it does it better, and does a whole lot more, but it costs a lot more money and it is more than most users will need.

  • Rezound (?) GPL
    OS: Primarily Linux, but eventually hoped for others.
    Comments: No multitrack ability. More of a wave editor than multitrack recording/editing solution. Better for wave editing than Audacity.
  • SoundForge 7.0 (Sony) ?
    OS: Windows 2000/XP
    Comments: Multi-track recording and editing program originally owned by Sonic Foundry. Super-easy editing platform with lots of built-in effects and processing.
  • Wavelab (Steinberg) $699.00
    OS: Windows 2000/XP
    Comments: Steinberg's audio editing and CD mastering platform. Although Audacity provides no CD mastering (i.e., track marks) or burning capability, it provides true non-destructive editing just like Wavelab's AudioMontage , where all the assembly takes place. Just click-and-drag a waveform, and move it wherever you want! True VST support.