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Help us improve Audacity

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...If you've landed on this page, chances are you're a skilled developer. In Audacity we're always short of the developer energy we'd like to make the things possible that we'd like to make possible.

There's a bit of a learning curve to getting started, and we're perhaps not the easiest project to join, but if you do join in and help us, the impact you could have on open source could be considerable. We also want to recommend Video Lan and Mixxx as projects, if you find Audacity not quite what you want to do. We're trying to build more bridges between open source projects, and having more good developers working on other high profile Open Source projects helps strengthen the whole system.

Interested in getting involved?

...If so, please join our developers' mailing list   and start helping us further improve one of the flagship Open Source programs.

Notes: VideoLAN is always on the lookout for hard core assembler level optimisers with strong mathematics for the x286 video codecs. Mixxx would love developers who are adept at making GUIs more customisable and fluidly usable, since the look and feel of the app is a high priority for DJs. All three projects are cross-platform so specialists at sorting out platform specific issues on any platform Linux, Windows or Mac are always welcome in all three projects.