Audacity Unconference 2014

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Audacity Unconference 2014 (AU14)

AU14 will run from Friday 11th to Saturday 12th July 2014 at UCLan (University of Central Lancashire) in Preston, England.

We have had a lot of interest on our survey and whilst we will no longer be monitoring it, we will leave it open for a little while longer.


You can now book on our Eventbrite page for either the Friday, Saturday or both days. The cost is £25 per day. Numbers are limited to 115 but we are releasing places slowly so if we appear to be 'full', please email our administrator Colette at 'CMSanders at' and she may be able to release a ticket for you.

What's happening?

The idea here is to give people the time and space to get together with like-minded people for a chat and maybe a soft drink / beer etc. afterwards. Have some fun!

What will you gain? Maybe amazing music. Maybe some useful lesson plans. Maybe a novel way to measure the speed of sound. Maybe a collaboration with another school / researcher. Maybe a chat with a developer. Maybe a chance conversation with a future collaborator. Who knows? Maybe some inspiration?

We have various spaces available for break-outs, jam sessions, etc., all the normal university stuff. Space to do stuff.

Who's coming?

We would like to make this available to all Audacity people, such as (in no particular order):

  • Audacity users
    • Educators
      • school teachers
      • university lecturers
    • Musicians
    • Podcasters
    • Researchers
      • reverb developers
      • whale-song researchers
      • who else is using Audacity in their research?
  • Developers
  • Forum 'elves'
  • Translators
  • etc. etc..

Anybody with an interest in Audacity, really. Help us extend/refine this list :-).

Please promote it to your various contacts.