Audacity Unconference 2014

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Gale 19Jul14: Should this not be made historical?

Done, tidied it up and used the past tense - removed the P1.

  • Gale 10Aug14 Also I think the preparations for AU14 on should be made more historical and the historical should be trimmed. Why can't we have a full 780 px mugshot there?

What was it?

AU14 was a coming-together of people interested in Audacity. We talked all-things Audacity, and beyond, mostly proposed at the event.

See what was proposed at See what happened at What happened at AU14.

Who was there?

Quite a few of the developers.

About seven of the 'Audacity Team Members', including the whole of the 'Technical Leadership Council'.

Lots of other interesting people!

When was it?

Friday 11th and Saturday 12th July 2014.

Where was it?

UCLan (University of Central Lancashire) in Preston, England.

What happened?

People proposed sessions / ideas and people went along and participated. We facilitated that, but 'the thing' was up to the people there.

It was also a get together with like-minded people for a chat and a soft drink / beer etc. afterwards. We had some fun as well as sharing ideas!

See what happened at What happened at AU14.

What was gained? Maybe some tips on using Audacity in your environment. A chance to chat with a developer, 'Team Member' or member of the 'Technical Leadership Council'? Maybe amazing music. Maybe some useful lesson plans. Maybe a novel way to measure the speed of sound. Maybe a collaboration with another school / researcher. Maybe a chance conversation with a future collaborator. Influence the development process?

Maybe some inspiration?

Who was eligible to come?

Anybody interested in Audacity! Such as (in no particular order):

  • Audacity users
    • Educators
      • School teachers
      • University lecturers
    • Musicians
    • Podcasters
    • Researchers
      • Reverb developers
      • Whale-song researchers
      • who else is using Audacity in their research?
  • Developers
  • Forum 'elves'
  • Translators
  • etc. etc..

Initial Survey

We did an initial survey to find out what people wanted from AU14. Here is what they said (edited a little).

They may run sessions on:

  • Audacity for noobs, first lessons
  • The use of Audacity in Audio - Visual sequences
  • Radio Journalism and Audacity
  • Mixing
  • Teaching/composing with children in school with Audacity
  • How we used it in our library
  • Nyquist and what it has to offer
  • HCI of Audacity in comparison to other Audio Software
  • Music

They want to attend sessions on:

(these have been grouped and ordered a little)

  • Basic User How To / Audacity for noobs, first lessons.
  • Interested in learning about basic sound cleanup/treatment for podcast/video soundtrack
  • Learn techniques, procedures, effects, equipment recommendations and why's
  • Sessions to create better podcasts and music from scratch
  • Audacity/podcasts for Post-Beginners: avoiding screw-ups, making-do (budgetwise), and any clever tricks that aren't too hard!
  • Getting to learn how the program works, how it has been working for others indifferent settings, whether there is any other like software for deaf people too
  • Using audacity in self-recording
  • Tips and features
  • Ways to use effects
  • Creating children's music
  • Benefits/uses of different file extensions
  • Best practices Professional workshops
  • Audacity workshop Advanced Audacity user plug-ins
  • Learning from professionals, stuff about plugins, talks on sound + music

  • Audacity for sixth form sound investigations - using it to calculate frequecy, wavelengths etc.
  • Using audacity to help to teach sound and waves in school
  • Uses of audacity in science experiments
  • Tutorials and workshops on how to introduce students 16-18 to audacity
  • Education - composing in elementary & secondary school. Developing teaching material.
  • Using audacity in higher education and libraries.
  • Learning how to use audacity and using the application in school linked to the EYFS and new curriculum

  • I want to make music
  • Meet other acoustic musicians and/or singer-songwriters
  • Listening to other's music / Listening to cool stuff done on Audacity
  • Voice Acting/Actors on YouTube panel
  • Demonstrating how Audacity helps me as an experimental musician
  • A band and a bar.
  • Possibly cookout/BBQ/Stove Geek session

  • Resume of the last improvements - New possible functions - New mobile compatibility - Future of Audacity
  • What is in mind development wise / Discussing improvements that could be made to Audacity
  • Discussion on improving the software
  • Listening to any technical, how to or similar talks
  • Interest in discussion about technical resources and content delivery ideas
  • Workshops (code and research), hack sessions

  • Plug-ins
  • Nyquist programming
  • Latency problems, VST-Plug-ins

  • Networking and Learning Everything
  • To talk about Audacity and the wonderful uses I've been able to gain from it and how I'd like to help others and how they could help me