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  1. Audacity Releases
  2. Compatibility
  3. Audacity alpha and Release Candidate testing
  4. Archive of "New Features" documents

Audacity Releases


Latest compatible Audacity version, by platform.
system (OS) Minimum OS version Audacity version
(Client versions)
7 and 10 2.2.0
XP with SSE2 CPU 2.1.3
2000 2.0.6
98 and ME 2.0.0
OS X 10.6 2.1.2
10.5 (Universal) 2.1.1
10.4 (Universal) 2.0.6
10.0 1.2.6a
Classic Mac OS Mac OS 9 1.0.0

Audacity alpha and Release Candidate testing

To be provided

Archive of "New Features" documents

Peter 07Nov17: Not sure whether to have the parent page or just list the (top level) archive documents here.