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Almost any page can be edited by clicking on the edit tab on top of the page (to edit the entire page) or on an edit link at a section header line (to edit only that section).

General guidelines

Please adhere to the following, general guidelines:

  • Be succinct and to the point.
  • Do not change other peoples texts unless you have good reason to, and then be gentle. (Note: copy-editing, i.e. making text more Wiki style and/or easier to understand is always permitted, as long as the message is intact.)
  • Always preview and proof read edits before saving.
  • Remember to leave a short explanatory note in the Summary field (below the main edit window) of the changes you have made.
  • If you need to do any elaborate editing you should first check the Wikipedia Help:Editing pages.

If you run into a roadblock, you may find it useful to leave a message on another user's Talk page asking them for help.

If you see random links, spam, or other vandalism, you can help out by restoring the previous version of the page according to instructions on the Removing Spam page.

You may also report any bugs or comments to our Help-list.

Wiki style editing

Wikis use a distinctive set of editing tags, but basic, textual editing is straight forward and should pose no problems (as long as you use common sense!).

Here only the very basics can be described:

  • For simple markups (bold, italics etc) you can use the formatting buttons/icons above the editor window. (They will add the Wiki style formatting tags, you will soon get used to them.)
  • There are a small number of experimental Templates available to make it easy to use a consistent formatting across the Wiki for certain purposes
  • Some introductory help is also available on:

(Note: Information is added only sporadically, check out the Wikipedia Help:Editing pages if you can not find information here.)