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Part of the [[AudacityForBlindUsers]]  section of the Wiki.
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== Other random tips ==
== Other random tips ==

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Other random tips


The Undo History dialog might be helpful if your screen reader software can deal with it. It will help you do undo several times if necessary. Also note that the name of the Undo command in the Edit menu changes to reflect what it will Undo. This can be very helpful in figuring out how far to back up if you make a mistake.

Generating Silence

You may want to generate silence after some audio, so that you can apply an effect such as delay (to give time for the delays to fade out).

To do this, move the cursor to the end of the audio with the end key. Under the generate menu (alt-g in Windows), select silence. Thirty seconds of silence will be appended to your audio.

When you tap the space bar to play your audio, you may be surprised to hear nothing, just silence. this is because the cursor is still sitting at the end of the audio you added the silence to.

Tap the home key to move the cursor back to the start of your audio. You will now be able to hear all your audio along with the appended silence.

This holds true for any audio Audacity generates from the generate menu.

Please feel free to add your own suggestions or questions to this page.