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This page is a selected list of some useful books about Audacity, or about performing particular tasks with it.
To suggest a book for inclusion on this list, please add a note on the discussion page.


Podcasting with Audacity: Creating a Podcast With Free Audio Software by Dominic Mazzoni (originator of Audacity) and Scott Granneman - 173 pages. E-book only. Designed to get you podcasting as quickly as possible, with lots of tips and tricks to make complicated editing even easier.


Getting started with Audacity 1.3 by Bethany Hiitola - 220 pages. E-book and paperback. Teaches basic techniques of recording and editing with Audacity for tasks such as podcasts and interviews, using a task-based, step-by-step approach. All sales directly benefit the Audacity project.


Audacity 2 by Christian Brochec (Audacity Team) - French, 256 pages. Book and CD-ROM only. Learn the basics of multi-track editing from capture and import through editing and effects processing to the final result. The included CD ROM provides audio files for the exercises in the book.


Audacity kompakt by Markus Priemer, assisted by Markus Meyer (Emeritus Audacity developer) - German, 140 pages. Book only. A "getting started" introduction for new Audacity users, while serving as a reference tool and source of Audacity tips and tricks for all. An English translation is also available. All sales directly benefit the Audacity project.