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[[Category: For Developers]]
[[Category: For Developers]]
=== Custom Fields ===
=== Bug Status Workflow ===
=== Groups ===
=== Keywords ===

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This page describes the process of customising Bugzilla for Audacity's needs, as outlined on the Review of Issue Trackers page.


This guide was written whilst customising bugzilla 3.4.1 because it was what I had handy. It should be updated when newer Bugzilla releases are deployed, although most of the work won't need to be re-done because the changes are stored in the database not in the installation files.

It assumes you have already set up and installed Bugzilla so you have a working vanilla installation.

Changes made in the Web interface

Most of the configuration of Bugzilla is done by logging in to the web interface as an administrative user and using the pages accessed from the Administration link in the footer. For simplicity I have simply listed the end result for each form, although it will probably require multiple actions to get there (e.g. adding values to a field one at a time).


  • Required Settings:
    • Lots of things always need doing here, nothing is special to Audacity
  • Attachments
    • Turn allow_attach_url on.
    • Turn convert_uncompressed_images on
  • Bug Change Policies
    • Turn letsubmitterchoosemilestone off (we aren't using milestones at the moment)
    • Turn noresolveonopenblockers on
  • Bug Fields
    • (usetargetmilestone should be already off)
    • (usestatuswhiteboard should be already off)
    • defaultseverity and defaultpriority are here, but we need to change the contents of the lists first.
  • Group Security
    • Make timetrackinggroup empty (nothing selected) to turn off time fields.
  • Query Defaults
    • set quip_list_entry_control to Moderated at least (not open!)

Field Values

  • Priority
    • Add a 'PX' value with sort key 50, so it goes at the top of the list.
  • OS
    • Add 'Windows Vista' at 205
    • Add 'Windows 7' at 210

Parameters (again)

These have to come after the field values have been set up

  • Bug Fields
    • set defaultpriority to 'PX'
    • set defaultseverity


  • Create a user "[email protected]", real name "Default Asignee for New Bugs", disable bugmail. Random password which no-one needs to know, and doesn't need any system rights.


  • Edit TestProduct
    • set the name to Audacity
    • set the description to 'Audacity itself. Not the website, the forum, the bugtracker or anything outside of the core Audacity program.'
  • Edit Components
Name Description Default Assignee
User Interface Issues relating to program User Interface [email protected]
Audio IO Issues relating to Audio playback and recording [email protected]
Built-in FX Issues related to one or more built-in effects [email protected]
Nyquist Issues related to the Nyquist Lisp interpreter [email protected]
Formats Issues related to exporting/importing audio data [email protected]
LADSPA Issues related to LADSPA plug-ins [email protected]
VAMP Issues related to VAMP analysis plug-ins [email protected]
Installer Issues related to installer code [email protected]
Labels Issues related to Labels and Label tracks [email protected]
Envelopes Issues related to Envelopes [email protected]
Multiclip Issues related to MultiClip [email protected]
Scripts Utility and installation scripts [email protected]
Other Issues related to some other component [email protected]
  • Edit versions:
    • 1.2.5
    • 1.2.6
    • 1.3.9
    • 1.3.10
  • Add a product 'Audacity Manual' with description 'The Audacity manual on http://manual.audacityteam.org/'
    • Edit it's components and add a single component 'Wiki Manual'


The following flags are set up:

Flag Description Categories Options Grant Group Request Group
Accessibility Particularly affects VI users Audacity:__Any__, Audacity manual:__Any__ uncheck 'specifically requestable' and 'multiplicable' editbugs (no group)
Security Bug has security implications for users running Audacity Audacity:__Any__, uncheck 'specifically requestable' and 'multiplicable' editbugs (no group)
Regression This bug is a regression compared to previous releases of Audacity Audacity:__Any__, uncheck 'specifically requestable' and 'multiplicable' editbugs (no group)
Maintainability This bug reflects a design or implementation problem that hinders future changes to Audacity Audacity:__Any__, uncheck 'specifically requestable' and 'multiplicable' editbugs (no group)

Custom Fields

Bug Status Workflow