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(*P3 [https://bugzilla.audacityteam.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2501 2501] - Undo for label edit results in a blank label - RESOLVED FIXED)
(Re-opened: plural)
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*P4 [https://bugzilla.audacityteam.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1215 1215] - Incorrect splits produced by Change Tempo with leading whitespace
*P4 [https://bugzilla.audacityteam.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1215 1215] - Incorrect splits produced by Change Tempo with leading whitespace
*P3 [https://bugzilla.audacityteam.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2534 2534] - Change Speed merges selected clip with adjacent clips - '''''residual remains for handling of white space'''''
*P3 [https://bugzilla.audacityteam.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2534 2534] - Change Speed merges selected clip with adjacent clips - '''''residual remains for handling of white space'''''
*P3 [https://bugzilla.audacityteam.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2083 2083] -  Labels Editor has confusing selection interface - can cause wrong labels to be deleted - '''''reopened for residual'''''
*P3 [https://bugzilla.audacityteam.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2083 2083] -  Labels Editor has confusing selection interface - can cause wrong labels to be deleted - '''''reopened for residuals'''''
<div id="pending"></div>
<div id="pending"></div>

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Peter 18Jul16: This is a page to act as a workbench for my testing on W10 and macOS.

Some DEVEL FIXMADE bugs get "parked" by me as they involve downloading plug-ins from sites I know nothing about - I am not prepared to risk that.

See the Talk page for bugs resolved in earlier releases.


  • P4 1215 - Incorrect splits produced by Change Tempo with leading whitespace
  • P3 2534 - Change Speed merges selected clip with adjacent clips - residual remains for handling of white space
  • P3 2083 - Labels Editor has confusing selection interface - can cause wrong labels to be deleted - reopened for residuals



Devel Fix-Made


Parked - because I don't have the wherewithal to test these


To be tested


What's to be done about this/these

  • P2 2437 - Mac: "Open with" fails when Audacity is running - OK on my Big Sur Mac and Cliff's Mojave Mac - fails on Bill's Catalina Mac
  • P3 2527 - Reset Configuration does not reset Project rate or selection timers

The Bugs tested so far on Windows and that look to be good to go so far on W10 - still to be tested on macOS and Linux


The Bugs to be tested on macOS


The Bugs tested so far on Mac and that look to be good to go so far on macOS still to be tested on Windows and Linux


The Bugs tested so far and that look to be good to go so far on W10 and macOS still to be tested on Linux


  • P1 2628 - Linux: FAT/FAT32 drives can wrongly have projects saved to them


  • P3 1592 - Sound Activated Recording fails when recording meter disabled
  • P3 2217 - Metadata: When exporting to FLAC the "Comment" field is ignored and not exported with the audio file
  • P3 2632 - Original project isn't compacted when doing Save As
  • P3 2639 - Sound Activated Recording level depends on Input Meter options
  • P3 2517 - Mix Stereo To Mono incorrectly changes sample rate to Project Rate without resampling - it should resample to the project rate
  • P3 2572 - Multi-byte characters may corrupt Json from mod-script-pipe
  • P3 2578 - Linux/Windows: Export 24-bit AIFF exports as 16-bit
  • P3 2583 - Incorrect split placement after paste


  • P4 2625 - Nyquist plug-ins Presets fail for plug-ins with "time" widgets


Archive this list to the Talk page on release.


  • P1 208 - Some effects (including equalization effects) delete Envelope Control Points, or do not move them when timeline changes
  • P1 2367 - Change Pitch effect may create spurious clip at end
  • P1 2492 - Linux: Crash when applying or previewing Sliding Stretch effect on stereo track
  • P1 2544 - "Editing a clip can move other clips" turned off can cause corruption when copying and pasting audio
  • P1 2557 - Spectrogram settings: setting Zero Padding before selecting algorithm Pitch(EAC) can cause a crash.
  • P1 2566 - Spectrogram view: changing algorithm to Pitch (EAC) turns off "Enable Spectral Selection"
  • P1 2597 - Freeze / crash on record to new / append record
  • P1 2630 - A project saved with an imported MP3 with Unicode metadata cannot be opened


  • P2 266 - Set track Sample Format lacks progress dialog
  • P2 1300 - Mac: COMMAND + V paste limitations in standard file save dialogs
  • P2 1579 - Mac: Cut/Copy from file save dialogs using shortcuts does not work
  • P2 2187 - No error/warning message when using a missing aliased audio file
  • P2 2212 - Mac: Keyboard tabbing in Timer Record stuck in left hand panel
  • P2 2296 - There is no Import or Export for Macros
  • P2 2464 - Cannot drag just the selected audio and label with Time Shift Tool
  • P2 2472 - Windows: Initial dropout when recording
  • P2 2480 - Vertical Scale dB does not update when Meter range is changed in Prefs
  • P2 2487 - Playback meters do not respond during preview of non-real-time effects
  • P2 2491 - Reset Configuration does not reset Extended Import preferences
  • P2 2494 - Mac: Copy and Paste issues with label text
  • P2 2496 - Label edit typing prepends selected text rather than replacing it
  • P2 2490 - With an empty rules list in "Extended Import" prefs - Left or Right arrow crashes Audacity
  • P2 2500 - "EQ XML to TXT Converter" fails on CRLF line endings
  • P2 2509 - Filter curve and Graphic EQ help links are broken in release version
  • P2 2513 - Importing a file into a disk that is nearly full gives unhelpful error message
  • P2 2515 - Exporting to a disk with insufficient space gives messages that are not user-friendly or helpful
  • P2 2517 - Mix Stereo To Mono incorrectly changes sample rate to Project Rate
  • P2 2526 - Mac: multi-projects inhibit label text creation
  • P2 2539 - No "?" help button on disk full error message(s)
  • P2 2573 - High / Low Pass filters limited to ~94 mins stereo at 44100 Hz
  • P2 2581 - Inconsistent behavior when pasting and not enough room
  • P2 2588 - Split / Join sometimes does not work in both channels of stereo track
  • P2 2593 - Play-at-Speed does not play unless you have used normal Play first
  • P2 2607 - Format setting of Wave tracks does not persist
  • P2 2613 - Selection bar sample display incorrectly in German
  • P2 2616 - Labelled Audio Cut and Delete disabled by Sync-Lock
  • P2 2617 - Audacity not responding after switching to Envelope tool
  • P2 2642 - Metadata Editor: Cut and paste does not work properly


  • P3 666 - Mac: Cannot "Open" audio files named with "\" using File>Open
  • P3 120 - Linux/Mac: Entering "\" in file name when saving projects disallows the save
  • P3 852 - Noise Reduction preview failure when track rate is different from project rate
  • P3 1518 - Mac: Selection invisible or in wrong control in generators, effects and analyzers
  • P3 1686 - Equalization effects ignore and remove any amplitude envelope
  • P3 2109 - Incorrect mute button behaviour when importing into project with soloed track
  • P3 2295 - ENH: cannot add a comment in a Macro with Audacity
  • P3 2377 - Mac: Label editor - Ctrl +Tab does not transfer focus to the action buttons
  • P3 2417 - Mac: Metadata - Impossible to select a genre from list
  • P3 2422 - Append Recording always scrolls vertically to bottom track
  • P3 2438 - Mac: New labels don't have focus if multiple projects opened at same time
  • P3 2445 - Cryptic, unhelpful, error message when importing malformed MP3 file
  • P3 2460 - Enh: Can't select "Multi-view" as default view mode in Tracks preferences
  • P3 2485 - Opus files may not show in Import browser
  • P3 2493 - No command for setting Multi-view
  • P3 2498 - Loudness Normalization always displays LUFS on launch
  • P3 2499 - Macros: applying Macro to project always sets first track as focus
  • P3 2501 - Undo for label edit results in a blank label
  • P3 2502 - Nyquist: Progress bar may not work when generating Rhythm Track
  • P3 2505 - ENH: Default Save location stuck at last used by previous installed version
  • P3 2507 - Nyquist fails if track or project name contains quotes
  • P3 2510 - Mac: Drag&Drop of a project file onto Audacity in Apps bar or Finder fails if Audacity is active in the Apps bar
  • P3 2519 - Noise Gate fails silently on longer selections
  • P3 2522 - In Macros, Record New Track and Play with a selection do not wait for completion.
  • P3 2524 - ENH: Macros "OK" button is confusing - doesn't do "what it says on the tin"
  • P3 2552 - pipe_test.py fails to print return value from first command
  • P3 2558 - Clip left/right commands can fail to move the cursor
  • P3 2559 - Clips left/right commands: time selection can be shifted incorrectly
  • P3 2563 - Button text ignored in Nyquist "file" widget
  • P3 2584 - "GetInfo: Envelopes" returns incorrect track numbers
  • P3 2585 - Incorrect help file address for Loudness Normalization
  • P3 2606 - Imported tracks should not have less bit depth than Quality Preference
  • P3 2608 - Audacity reacts to shift key when it is not the front application
  • P3 2611 - Mixer Board does not stay on top of main window
  • P3 2622 - Track name overlay is opaque


  • P4 824 - Cut/Copy/Paste code needs better error handling
  • P4 1528 - Linux: Mod-script-pipe can't be built in a separate build folder
  • P4 2352 - Sound / Silence Finder fail silently on selection > 2^31 -1
  • P4 2488 - Windows: Change Pitch effect with high quality stretching slower in 2.4.1/3.0.0 than 2.3.1
  • P4 1945 - Windows: ASSERT (in debug builds only) importing Opus format
  • P4 2352 - Sound / Silence Finder fail silently on selection > 2^31 -1
  • P4 2415 - Mac: Selection toolbar acquires unwanted bottom and right border
  • P4 2516 - Windows: "SAVE" button in "Audio / MIDI Device Info" displays "OK"
  • P4 2518 - AUD-command cache is not updated on Audacity upgrade
  • P4 2532 - AUP import does not preserve copy-paste space efficiencies
  • P4 2580 - Enh: Move to Previous / Next Label commands in unexpected menu
  • P4 2582 - Enh: Repeat last Generator, Analyzer or Tool




  • P1 2512 - Recording a saved project onto a full disk causes project loss
  • P1 2514 - Applying effects that would fill up a disk loses the project with no recovery available
  • P1 2530 - When a recording fills a disk the project cannot be saved
  • P1 2531 - Compaction - long pause with no progress dialog
  • P1 2535 - Audacity fails to build on 32-bit Linux
  • P1 2536 - Mac: Crash when project rate is 32000 and any track is at a rate other than 32000
  • P1 2537 - Data loss use case with copy/paste and compaction
  • P1 2540 - No low disk space warning on startup
  • P1 2542 - Following a crash discarding the offered recovery and opening previously saved version results in "recovery"
  • P1 2546 - Recording onto a nearly full disk results in two error messages re "disk full"
  • P1 2550 - Disk full: saving an unsaved project to a different disk leaves WAL and SHM files behind
  • P1 2551 - Silent blocks are not seen as silent by Nyquist (and cause Audacity to crash)
  • P1 2555 - Spectrogram view: changing algorithm to Pitch (EAC) or Reassignment resets Spectrogram prefs
  • P1 2569 - aup file with aliased data fails for aup3
  • P1 2570 - Compressed or Lossless copies of projects from 2.4.2 cannot be opened in 3.0.0
  • P1 2575 - Recording to a FAT32 drive fails at around 3h20m with no error message and project corrupted
  • P1 2576 - Win & Mac: FAT formatted disks can readily run out of space with multiple edits - wrong error message can be displayed
  • P1 2579 - Exiting Audacity after edits and compaction results in a corrupted previously saved project
  • P1 2586 - Envelopes are not imported from AUP projects
  • P1 2590 - Compact Project does not free up any space (it used to)
  • P1 2591 - Disk full on NTFS or APFS formatted drives causes Audacity to hang
  • P1 2594 - Backup project fails with unsaved project - sometimes fails with saved project
  • P1 2602 - Windows: When using a FAT/FAT32 drive for recording the Status Bar message can be inaccurate
  • P1 2602 - Mac: Audacity crashes on launch
  • P1 2603 - Backing up a >4GB project to a FAT drive fails with an incorrect misleading error message
  • P1 2604 - Saving a 4 hour stereo chirp to FAT fails and with an inappropriate error message
  • P1 2609 - Save Project when disk is full gives a second disk-full message
  • P1 2624 - Win: large projects saved to slow USB drive when aborted yield error on reopening
  • P1 2626 - Mac: Temporary files directory on exFAT makes Audacity fail at launch
  • P1 2627 - Win: FAT/FAT32 used after exFAT for Temporary files wrongly work
  • P1 2631 - Silent crash during "discard selected" processing from Recovery dialog

  • P2 2529 - Data loss on small drive generating large track, closing without saving changes, then reopening
  • P2 2545 - Changing the temporary directory results in a false Recovery dialog
  • P2 2554 - Win & Linux: Spectrogram view, changing algorithm to Pitch (EAC) or Reassignment prevents reversion to Frequencies algorithm
  • P2 2556 - Spectrogram view: changing algorithm to Pitch (EAC) or Reassignment changes view to Grayscale and Period
  • P2 2567 - Linux: Batch processing may fail - unable to read a file in 'temp'
  • P2 2574 - Windows: Checkpointing occurs when exiting a never-saved project
  • P2 2589 - Removing Envelope points sometimes does not work in both channels of stereo track
  • P2 2599 - -wal and -shm files not cleaned up in all cases
  • P2 2605 - After "Save Project As", opening the original project results in a spurious recovery dialog
  • P2 2610 - Backup Project only fails when it has actually run out of disk space (unlike Save Project)
  • P2 2621 - Windows: the use of exFAT formatted dives is prohibited for saves and temp directory

  • P3 2553 - Clip left/right commands can cause crash
  • P3 2541 - Mac: When a recording fills a disk many dropouts are labelled beyond the audio
  • P3 2577 - Multi-project: disk-full while recording while multiple other projects open gives 2 messages

  • P4 2538 - Space efficiency of 16 bit .aup format is lost on import to .aup3
  • P4 2592 - Temporary directory not cleaned up at window close or exit after changing it in Preferences

  • P5 2533 - Extreme space inefficiency importing silence from an AUP file
  • P5 2543 - Enh: Project Items are not ticked by default in Project Recovery Dialog

Marked NOT-A-BUG

  • P2 2596 - Blank error message when reopening files after drive space exhaustion

Auto update

2434P3RESOLVEDMac: En Français the "fenêtre" command is not capitalized