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Peter 18Jul16: This is a page to act as a workbench for my testing on W10 and macOS.

Some DEVEL FIXMADE bugs get "parked" by me as they involve downloading plug-ins from sites I know nothing about - I am not prepared to risk that.

See the Talk page for bugs resolved in earlier releases.


  • P2 2663 - Audacity can make unwanted moves of toolbars



Devel Fix-Made


Parked - because I don't have the wherewithal to test these


To be tested


What's to be done about this/these

  • P2 2700 - "Failed to open the project database"
  • P2 2732 - Faux recovery offered on launch (very moonphase)
  • P2 2734 - Apply macro may not create the macro-output folder in the source directory

The Bugs tested so far on Windows and that look to be good to go so far on W10 - still to be tested on macOS and Linux


The Bugs to be tested on macOS


The Bugs tested so far on Mac and that look to be good to go so far on macOS still to be tested on Windows and Linux


The Bugs tested so far and that look to be good to go so far on W10 and macOS still to be tested on Linux

  • P1 2745 - Exiting Audacity with a never saved project takes massively longer in 3.0.2 than 3.0.0
  • P4 2466 - Linux: Filter Curve EQ GUI far too wide
  • P2 2758 - Linux: No support for Jack Audio System


Archive this list to the Talk page on release.

P1 Bugs

  • P1 2772 - Audacity crashes after failing to open corrupt project

P2 Bugs

  • P2 2743 - The first use of the "window" command in LOF files is ignored by Audacity
  • P2 2747 - The Macros output directory is in the top section in audacity.cfg

P3 Bugs

  • P3 2671 - ENH: "Show track name as overlay" cannot be turned on from main menus

P4 Bugs

  • P4 1309 - Paste with sync-lock can give error message but still do something
  • P4 1406 - Undoing envelope points by shortcut with mouse down creates spurious undo entries
  • P4 2759 - Failed Macro command leaves empty undo item in history

P5 Bugs

  • P5 1091 - Spectral Edit effects may have unpredictable results



Marked NOT-A-BUG

  • P2 2715 - (Japanese) Crash on pressing any key