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Peter 18Jul16: This is a page to act as a workbench for my testing on W10 and macOS.

Some DEVEL FIXMADE bugs get "parked" by me as they involve downloading plug-ins from sites I know nothing about - I am not prepared to risk that.

See the Talk page for bugs resolved in earlier releases.


  • P2 2663 - Audacity can make unwanted moves of toolbars
  • P2 2710 - Compressor with audio before T=0 crashes Audacity



Devel Fix-Made


Parked - because I don't have the wherewithal to test these

  • P4 2684 - Bitrot for Docimage script - well above my nerd-grade
  • P2 2701 - Progress dialog interferes with scripting
  • P2 2714 - (Japanese & Korean) "Unable to parse project information"

To be tested

  • P4 2726 - Enh: Some preference changes are not written until Audacity exits
  • P2 2692 - Mac: VI users get trapped in radio buttons of Keyboard Preferences
  • P2 2694 - Coloring of tracks in Mixer Board are awry
  • P2 2709 - Mac: Missing sub-menu check marks in French

What's to be done about this/these

  • P3 2211 - Mac: keyboard navigation problem in Libraries preferences dialog

The Bugs tested so far on Windows and that look to be good to go so far on W10 - still to be tested on macOS and Linux


The Bugs to be tested on macOS


The Bugs tested so far on Mac and that look to be good to go so far on macOS still to be tested on Windows and Linux


The Bugs tested so far and that look to be good to go so far on W10 and macOS still to be tested on Linux

  • P2 2697 - Linux: AUP3 projects use incorrect char size on "differently" configured wxWidgets
  • P1 2698 - Noise Gate fails silently if "hold" is non-zero


Archive this list to the Talk page on release.

P1 Bugs

  • P1 2703 - Mac: EGAT preview dialog is hidden behind the EGAT dialog
  • P1 2706 - Win: Vocal Reduction and Isolation most options fail
  • P1 2707 - Opened projects not being removed from "audacity.cfg"
  • P1 2708 - Nyquist effects fail silently with One hour plus stereo
  • P1 2711 - Manual: Many Shortcuts missing from shortcuts table
  • P1 2720 - Cannot open project that's in a read only folder - error message vague

P2 Bugs

  • P2 2696 - Metadata Editor: changed size is not remembered/restored on next use
  • P2 2699 - Windows: Cannot edit labels with emoji in them correctly
  • P2 2704 - Mac: Stop button in EGATs with Preview does nor stop the preview
  • P2 2716 - Cleared "Recent Files" are restored on next launch

P3 Bugs

  • P3 2524 - Macros "Cancel" button is confusing - doesn't do "what it says on the tin"
  • P3 2723 - VST_PATH environment variable fails for non-standard locations

P4 Bugs

  • P4 2124 - Import>Audio failure error message is misleading
  • P4 2690 - Move the actual build information to the top of the build information tab
  • P4 2717 - Linux: Internal Error at DBConnection.cpp line 275
  • P4 2721 - Allegro (.gro files) cause crash with undo/redo

Marked NOT-A-BUG

  • P2 2715 - (Japanese) Crash on pressing any key