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Peter 18Jul16: This is a page to act as a workbench for my testing on W10 and macOS.

Some DEVEL FIXMADE bugs get "parked" by me as they involve downloading plug-ins from sites I know nothing about - I am not prepared to risk that.

See the Talk page for bugs resolved in earlier releases.





Devel Fix-Made


Parked - because I don't have the wherewithal to test these


To be tested

  • P4 653 - Metadata: UTF-16 ID3 tags read incorrectly
  • P4 353 - FFmpeg: Metadata - Artist tag not imported in WMA and APE files
  • P4 2424 - Linux/Mac: Malformed choice widget in MIDI Device Preferences
  • P3 2322 - Mac: Screenshot tool captures the screenshot dialog overlaying the required image
  • P4 2497 - Windows: text can be pasted into the project rate box

What's to be done about this/these

  • P2 2437 - Mac: "Open with" fails when Audacity is running - OK on my Big Sur Mac and Cliff's Mojave Mac - fails on Bill's Catalina Mac
  • P5 866 - FFmpeg: Audacity rejects FFmpeg in PATH/doesn't search PATH if invalid libs are in FFmpeg path - I don't want to mess with my FFmpeg config
  • P3 1572 - Dither not applied when exporting 24-bit WAV from 32-bit float
  • P4 1441 - Mac: Imported file names containing '/' or "\" change the slash to ':' in the trackname (and in the project window header)
  • P4 565 - Metadata: ID3 v2.4 tags in imported MP3 files are not seen so are removed on export - Leland thinks this is NOT-A-BUG

The Bugs tested so far on Windows and that look to be good to go so far on W10 - still to be tested on macOS and Linux


The Bugs to be tested on macOS


The Bugs tested so far on Mac and that look to be good to go so far on macOS still to be tested on Windows and Linux


The Bugs tested so far and that look to be good to go so far on W10 and macOS still to be tested on Linux

  • P3 761 - Linux: VST presets correct extension no longer offered in file name/no longer added if omitted
  • P4 1693 - Time selection issues in Selection Toolbar
  • P4 2432 - Linux/Mac: Bad placement of '?' (help) Icon
  • P4 2664 - Save As & Backup fail when used after Save


Archive this list to the Talk page on release.