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Categories give you a way to find pages on the wiki.  If you're interested in how we go from feature requests to features being implemented in Audacity then [[:Category:Feature Planning]] should list the relevant pages.  Some categories are wide, like [[:Category:For Developers]].  Others are narrower and have fewer pages, like [[:Category:For Blind Users]].  The largest categories generally contain smaller categories too.  [[:Category:For Blind Users]] is a sub category of [[:Category:For Users]].  If you didn't know it existed, you'd find it on visiting the larger category page.
Category links appear at the bottom of most pages.
Remember that this is a wiki and in a constant state of flux.  Don't expect the organisation to be perfectly hierarchical and perfectly logical.  Particularly in larger categories you may need to drill down into the subcategories to see the less 'high profile' pages.
* [[:Category:Category]] gives a list of categories on this wiki as well as some general tips on searching.  That makes sense because it is the top level category, and people may end up there when they are lost.
* You can get a ''comprehensive'' list of all categories from [[Special:Categories]].  This list has the advantage that as well as naming the categories it shows the number of articles in each category too.
==Category Intros==
Each category page should have a brief introduction.  At this current moment some of those intros are as follows:
===[[:Category:GSoC|Google Summer of Code]]===
===[[:Category:Feature Planning|Feature Planning]]===
{{Category:Feature Planning}}
===[[:Category:Work in Progress|Work in Progress]]===
{{Category:Work in Progress}}.
The top level category.  It lists the other categories and subcategories.  It also has some general tips on searching.-->
==Adding Categories to Pages==
If you want to add a category to a page, look at an existing categorised page to see how it is done.  The category is added as a link at the foot of the page.  The order matters.  Generally we try to have the wider categories first and the narrower categories later.  There is a fuller explanation [[Put_an_article_in_a_category_of_articles|here]].
[[Category:For Editors]]

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