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This page is a collection of Tutorials both on and off this Wiki, giving step-by-step guidance on performing various tasks using Audacity.
These complement our official Tutorials in the Manual for the most common tasks.
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Audacity Wiki Tutorials

Audio Restoration

Changing the audio

  • Vocal Removal There is no magic bullet to solve what is in theory an insoluble problem. In practice there are various ways to try and trick your ears into thinking you have succeeded.

iTunes and iPod


Recordings (Other)

Schools or Colleges


Legacy Tutorials for old versions of Audacity

Warning icon See the Tutorials in the Manual for current information.

Off-site Tutorials on the web

External tutorials marked CC Attribution icon are available under the Creative Commons Attribution "BY" licence. They may be copied, edited, distributed or displayed (including commercially), if attribution is given to the author. Editing may be done on collaborative editing sites such as Google Docs or Wikimedia Commons. Please add links to any edited documents underneath the link to the original.

Tutorials marked Creative Commons logo have a more restrictive Creative Commons Attribution licence, see text for details.


  • Using Audacity 2.0.4 with the JAWS screen reader for Windows - includes useful tips for the visually impaired (and others) who want to use Audacity without a mouse.

Audio File Formats (MP3 and others)

Binaural Beats / Brainwave Entrainment

Editing (General)

  • 60 Second Shakespeare - video tutorials about using Audacity to edit the audio for short video or audio interpretations of Shakespeare.

Voice Effects

Sound Effects

  • Simple Lion Scream sound effect video tutorial (0:55).


  • Learn Audacity in an Hour - series of short, snappy video tutorials with downloadable AIFF files by Baynard Bailey of Vassar College: covers opening files, editing, using specific effects and exporting


Podcasting Overviews

  • CC Attribution icon Using Audacity - Tutorial covering most functions of Audacity for creating podcasts. Wiki uses special print functionality which can be used to create nice handout of tutorial.
  • Create your own podcast - a fine general tutorial on all stages from recording and editing to publishing on the web, again from

Recording Records and Cassettes

  • Transferring cassettes to CD - detailed illustrated tutorials using Audacity 1.2 for Mac, but many of the principles are relevant to recent Audacity and iTunes.

Recording Voice


  • Creative Commons logo How to Make a Bell Ringtone Using Audacity - a wikiHow article on how to create a plain, landline-like ringtone, something many modern phones lack. The article is under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.5 license. You can contribute improvements by editing it online.

Schools or Colleges

Special Purposes

Older tutorials

  • CC Attribution icon Audacity 101 slides.pdf - Complete Audacity 1.2.4 tutorial), including illustrations about setting up system sound on Windows and OS X (no Linux).

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