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Revision as of 19:28, 14 September 2008 by Galeandrews (talk | contribs) (Yes please to adding individual Tips, Tutorials and Troubleshoooting pages to Category:For Users; hang fire on a "Guides" category for a few days?)
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James: Gale, if you give the go ahead, I'd like to start adding Category:For Users to the tips, tutorials and troubleshooting pages. If I'm doing this, will I at the same time add Catgeory:Guides to those pages too, so that we can get just a list of guide pages easily?

  • Gale: Yes please add the individual tips, tutorials and troubleshooting pages to Category:For Users. Having a Category:Guides might well be a good idea, though I'm still unsure if we shouldn't combine the Category:Tips and Category:Tutorial into Category:Tips and Tutorials. I don't know if I'm even sure about Category:Troubleshooting. For example, USB turntables are undoubtedly "trouble", but a fair proportion of the page is a set-up guide; the OS "bugs" pages are something of a misnomer as they contain OS quirks as much as bugs (and are only really used for Audacity bugs as we don't have a Known Issues page for Stable). Further, I'd like to encourage reading of these pages anyway, and having them in a "Troubleshooting" category might discourage that even if they are also in a "Guides" category.

    So basically I'm wondering a bit about how useful these category distinctions are - maybe all these pages are "Guides" and we don't need the individual "Tips", "Tutorials" and "Troubleshooting" categories? Can we ponder this a little longer?