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James: Gale, if you give the go ahead, I'd like to start adding Category:For Users to the tips, tutorials and troubleshooting pages. If I'm doing this, will I at the same time add Catgeory:Guides to those pages too, so that we can get just a list of guide pages easily?

  • Gale: Yes please add the individual tips, tutorials and troubleshooting pages to Category:For Users. Having a Category:Guides might well be a good idea, though I'm still unsure if we shouldn't combine the Category:Tips and Category:Tutorial into Category:Tips and Tutorials. I don't know if I'm even sure about Category:Troubleshooting. For example, USB turntables are undoubtedly "trouble", but a fair proportion of the page is a set-up guide; the OS "bugs" pages are something of a misnomer as they contain OS quirks as much as bugs (and are only really used for Audacity bugs as we don't have a Known Issues page for Stable). Further, I'd like to encourage reading of these pages anyway, and having them in a "Troubleshooting" category might discourage that even if they are also in a "Guides" category.

    So basically I'm wondering a bit about how useful these category distinctions are - maybe all these pages are "Guides" and we don't need the individual "Tips", "Tutorials" and "Troubleshooting" categories? Can we ponder this a little longer?

  • James: OK, so that's done now. "Tips", "Tutorials" and "Troubleshooting" all now appear in the Category:For Users listing. If you want "Tips" to appear in some other category too, edit the Template:CategoryTips page in the obvious way. For example we can create a category Tips & Tutorials, and add it to both the tips and the tutorials template (two edits), and then Tips and Tutorials will appear in that categories listing, but troubleshooting won't. Equally we can lose the troubleshooting pages and merge them into tutorials category with one edit. We can try it out easily now.