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This guy is probably the best I've seen on YouTube regarding Audacity use: marcusunlimited

You may, or may not, like his style - but he certainly injects some pizzazz and enthusiasm


  • Unanimously against opening the manual wiki to general editing.
  • Category:TutorialMovedtoManual floated as an idea for the moved pages - probably it would only be of use to editors who want to track these pages, not general wiki users - and we can do that other ways.

This section archived here from the page

Off-site Tutorials on the web

External tutorials marked CC Attribution icon are available under the Creative Commons Attribution "BY" licence. They may be copied, edited, distributed or displayed (including commercially), if attribution is given to the author. Editing may be done on collaborative editing sites such as Google Docs or Wikimedia Commons. Please add links to any edited documents underneath the link to the original.
Peter 3May14: commenting this out for now - it is currently redundant
Tutorials marked Creative Commons logo have a more restrictive Creative Commons Attribution licence, see text for details.


  • Using Audacity 2.2.0 to 2.2.2 with the JAWS screen reader for Windows - includes useful tips for the visually impaired (and others) who want to use Audacity without a mouse.

Audio File Formats (MP3 and others)

Voice Effects

Sound Effects

  • Simple Lion Scream sound effect video tutorial (0:55).

Podcasting Overviews

Recording Voice

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