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This page summarises the various online resources available to our community. These let you find help, meet others and contribute to Audacity in various ways.


Website Description  This website. It's where we host our wikis and forums (so we can configure them the way we want) and where we have additional pages that don't fit in well to the Sourceforge website.  Provides project information and facilities thanks to Sourceforge. This website hosts
  • Our mailing lists.
  • CVS which has the source code to Audacity
  • The download service and
  • Some screenshots.  The 'commercial' wing of Audacity. This site has merchandise and a percentage of sales benefit the Audacity project.


Wiki Description
Main Wiki This wiki. Home of tips, tutorials, Feature Requests and Developer Information
On-Line Manual  The manual is kept in a wiki to make it easier for the user community to correct and update it! At present we are looking for help to complete the manual for the next stable 1.4.0 release of Audacity.


Forums Description
Main Forum  The forum has many sub-forums, including ones for the stable and Beta Audacity, and for recording issues and programming and development. It's currently the best place to ask questions and get help.


IRC Description
Freenode#Audacity The IRC channel exists but is very low traffic. Developers will sometimes visit there by prior arrangement via e-mail.

Mailing Lists @

The active lists noted below are subscription-only. Please click any link to subscribe to that list.

List Description
audacity-users  Discuss Audacity with other users and developers.
audacity-translation  For those translating the Audacity software, web site and documentation.
audacity-devel  For developers working with the Audacity source code and documentation.
audacity-nyquist  Share questions and tips about programming Nyquist plug-ins.
audacity-bugs  Developers can subscribe to this mailing list to receive automatic updates from Bugzilla.
audacity-help This list is currently broken, please use the Main Forum  instead.