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These are all features previously requested which are now implemented in audacity.

  • VuMeter (54 votes) - in Audacity 1.2.2 - complete with both peak and RMS display, peak-hold lines, linear and dB scales, resizable windows, and clipping indicators.
  • Add label at current playback cursor - in Audacity 1.2.2
  • Import/export FreeLosslessAudioCodec (FLAC) (11 votes) - Fully implemented via the current version of libsndfile in future releases. 1.3 has an enhanced exporter which supports FLAC tags as well.
  • Export Multiple - exports separate file for each label - appeared in 1.2.2 (needs more work-see Label/Track? name and Number below in segmenting)
  • Automation: Export many files at once (28 votes) - Export Multiple in audacity 1.2.3
  • Zero line (18 votes). Implemented in unstable CVS as a line in the background.
  • Time Position - display as a number the postion of the cursor, of the begin and end of selection (3 votes)
    • Display the position of the current section too. Put all together as seperate fields to the statusbar and make them selectable for copy / paste. - done in 1.3 beta
  • Waveform scale: dB option - already done - change the option on the track pop down menu to "waveform (dB)"
  • More than one clip per track (23 votes) - will be in 1.3 beta
  • Move cursor to a specific time (GoTo time) (12 votes)
    • (useful for blind users, and anyone with long files) - done in 1.3 beta
  • Support for GTK+2 & Unicode wxWidgets builds. (2 votes)
    • Both work in audacity 1.3 beta
  • Allow generation of X seconds of silence at cursor a la v1.0.0 "Insert Silence" instead of fixed 30 second interval. (0 votes)
    • This will be fixed in Audacity 1.2.4.
  • Make Mono Track: Option to create a new mono track from a stereo track. (3 votes) implemented as "Convert to Mono" in 1.3 beta
  • Set selection based on times (i.e. select 1.0 sec to 5.0 sec) (4 votes) Done via selection bar in 1.3 beta
  • 12-band graphic equalizer (smoother and faster than the current FFT filter or Equalizer) (27 votes)
    • Implemented in 1.3.2 (with 15 bands).
  • Time limit for recording (27 votes)
    • Perhaps simple menu items like "Stop in ..." / "Start recording in ..." / "Play in ..." would do the job? One timer for each, and you could time your recording nicely. This includes the possibility to time an end when the recording has already started!
    • See TimedRecording for a way to do this in Audacity 1.2. (didn't work for me either)
    • See also AudaRemote , a scheduled recording program for Audacity on Windows.
  • Scheduled start time for recording (16 votes)
    • Preferably scheduled start time and stop time. Could be a command line operation so scheduling is done using crontab (16).
      • All implemented in 1.3.2
  • ClickPop removal (26 votes) Available since 1.2.4, improved in 1.3.2
    • Maybe research open source Sonar algorithms useful in this context
  • Make "label at selection" work while recording (0 votes)
    • Done in 1.2.4
    • Allow clear or partial clear of Undo buffers (2 votes)
      • I cannot find a UI for discarding undo data, although this is mentioned in the helpfile. I am using Audacity 1.2.2 Win32 (upgraded from 1.2.0 pre3 Win32).
      • Undo data discarded when the project is saved and closed. View > History shows the current undo history and has a discard button in 1.2.4.
  • Quickly find the locations in your recording where you need to do some editing.

'Press CTRL + M to add a label at the current playback or recording position. This then gives you markers on the project which you can click on to return to the position you were at when you created the label.