Completed Proposal Menu Reorganisation/Layout Ideas

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Revision as of 18:47, 22 January 2010 by Edgar (talk | contribs) (Some ideas for the File, Tracks, the Help and a proposed new Tools menus)
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-- Ed 22 January 2010
I was thinking of something like:


 Recent Files    >
 Save Project
  Other Items 
 Import             >
 Raw Data...

Edgar: split the Help menu into Tools and Help :
Show Log...
Run Benchmark...
Audio Device Info...

Screenshot Tools...

Manual (in web browser)

About Audacity

Note that in the above "About" item there should be no elipsis -- the use of an elipsis signifies that the user will be asked to supply additional information before the action can be completed.
This also makes the Help menu very short. I think we could expand upon a little:

Manual (in web browser)
Manual Topics >

Quick Help
Frequently Asked Questions

About Audacity