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Edgar 23 Jan 2010 a sorted list of the current (1.3.11 beta rc1 23 Jan 2010) shortcut keys and items without shortcuts listed at the bottom:

CursorShortJumpLeft Cursor Short Jump Left ,
CursorShortJumpRight Cursor Short Jump Right .
SetLeftSelection Left at Playback Position [
SetRightSelection Right at Playback Position ]
PlayOneSec Play One Second 1
PrevTool Previous Tool A
PlayToSelection Play To Selection B
NextTool Next Tool D
PlayCutPreview Play Cut Preview C
CursTrackStart to Track Start J
CursTrackEnd to Track End K
Pause Pause P
Record Record R
ZeroCross Find Zero Crossings Z
DeleteKey DeleteKey Backspace
DeleteKey2 DeleteKey2 Delete
NextTrack Move Focus to Next Track Down
SkipEnd Skip to End End
SkipStart Skip to Start Home
SeekLeftShort Short seek left during playback Left
CursorLeft Cursor Left Left
ToggleAlt Toggle Focused Track NUMPAD_ENTER
Toggle Toggle Focused Track Return
SeekRightShort Short seek right during playback Right
CursorRight Cursor Right Right
PlayStop Play/Stop Space
PrevTrack Move Focus to Previous Track Up
SelectTool Selection Tool F1
EnvelopeTool Envelope Tool F2
DrawTool Draw Tool F3
ZoomTool Zoom Tool F4
TimeShiftTool Time Shift Tool F5
MultiTool Multi Tool F6
FullScreenOnOff Full screen on/off F11
JoinLabels Join Alt+J
DeleteLabels Delete Alt+K
SilenceLabels Silence Audio Alt+L
CutLabels Cut Alt+X
SplitNew Split New Alt+Ctrl+I
Disjoin Detach at Silences Alt+Ctrl+J
SplitDelete Split Delete Alt+Ctrl+K
PasteNewLabel Paste Text to New Label Alt+Ctrl+V
SplitCut Split Cut Alt+Ctrl+X
CopyLabels Copy Alt+Shift+C
DisjoinLabels Detach at Silences Alt+Shift+J
SplitDeleteLabels Split Delete Alt+Shift+K
SplitCutLabels Split Cut Alt+Shift+X
TrackGainDec Decrease gain on focused track Alt+Shift+Down
TrackPanLeft Pan left on focused track Alt+Shift+Left
TrackPanRight Pan right on focused track Alt+Shift+Right
TrackGainInc Increase gain on focused track Alt+Shift+Up
ZoomIn Zoom In Ctrl+1
ZoomNormal Zoom Normal Ctrl+2
ZoomOut Zoom Out Ctrl+3
SelectAll All Ctrl+A
AddLabel Add Label At Selection Ctrl+B
Copy Copy Ctrl+C
Duplicate Duplicate Ctrl+D
ZoomSel Zoom to Selection Ctrl+E
FitInWindow Fit in Window Ctrl+F
Split Split Ctrl+I
Join Join Ctrl+J
Delete Delete Ctrl+K
Silence Silence Audio Ctrl+L
AddLabelPlaying Add Label At Playback Position Ctrl+M
New New Ctrl+N
Open Open... Ctrl+O
Preferences Preferences... Ctrl+P
Exit Exit Ctrl+Q
RepeatLastEffect Repeat Last Effect Ctrl+R
Save Save Project Ctrl+S
Trim Trim Ctrl+T
MuteAllTracks Mute All Tracks Ctrl+U
Paste Paste Ctrl+V
Close Close Ctrl+W
Cut Cut Ctrl+X
Redo Redo Ctrl+Y
Undo Undo Label Edit Ctrl+Z
NextFrame Move forward from toolbars to tracks Ctrl+F6
SelectNone None Ctrl+Shift+A
CollapseAllTracks Collapse All Tracks Ctrl+Shift+C
FitV Fit Vertically Ctrl+Shift+F
ImportAudio Audio... Ctrl+Shift+I
MixAndRenderToNewTrack Mix and Render to New Track Ctrl+Shift+M
NewAudioTrack Audio Track Ctrl+Shift+N
ContrastAnalyser Contrast... Ctrl+Shift+T
UnMuteAllTracks UnMute All Tracks Ctrl+Shift+U
ExpandAllTracks Expand All Tracks Ctrl+Shift+X
SelCntrRight Selection Contract Right Ctrl+Shift+Left
SelCntrLeft Selection Contract Left Ctrl+Shift+Right
PrevFrame Move backward from toolbars to tracks Ctrl+Shift+F6
CursorLongJumpLeft Cursor Long Jump Left Shift+,
CursorLongJumpRight Cursor Long Jump Right Shift+.
PlayStopSelect Play/Stop and Set Cursor Shift+A
TrackClose Close focused track Shift+C
TrackGain Change gain on focused track Shift+G
SelStartCursor Track Start to Cursor Shift+J
SelCursorEnd Cursor to Track End Shift+K
TrackMenu Open menu on focused track Shift+M
TrackPan Change pan on focused track Shift+P
RecordAppend Append Record Shift+R
TrackSolo Solo/Unsolo focused track Shift+S
TimerRecord Timer Record... Shift+T
TrackMute Mute/Unmute focused track Shift+U
ShiftDown Move Focus to Next and Select Shift+Down
SelEnd Selection to End Shift+End
SelStart Selection to Start Shift+Home
SeekLeftLong Long seek left during playback Shift+Left
SelExtLeft Selection Extend Left Shift+Left
SeekRightLong Long Seek right during playback Shift+Right
SelExtRight Selection Extend Right Shift+Right
PlayLooped Loop Play Shift+Space
ShiftUp Move Focus to Previous and Select Shift+Up
About About Audacity...
InputGain Adjust input gain
InputSource Adjust input source
OutputGain Adjust output gain
SetPlaySpeed Adjust playback speed
ApplyChain Apply Chain...
DeviceInfo Audio Device Info...
SortByName by Name
SortByTime by Start time
CheckDeps Check Dependencies...
ShowControlTB Control Toolbar
InputGainDec Decrease input gain
OutputGainDec Decrease output gain
PlaySpeedDec Decrease playback speed
ShowDeviceTB Device Toolbar
EditChains Edit Chains...
EditLabels Edit Labels
ShowEditTB Edit Toolbar
ExportLabels Export Labels...
ExportMIDI Export MIDI...
ExportMultiple Export Multiple...
ExportSel Export Selection...
Export Export...
UndoHistory History...
InputGainInc Increase input gain
OutputGainInc Increase output gain
PlaySpeedInc Increase playback speed
Karaoke Karaoke...
NewLabelTrack Label Track
ImportLabels Labels...
LockPlayRegion Lock
Manual Manual (in web browser)
ShowMeterTB Meter Toolbar
ImportMIDI MIDI...
MixAndRender Mix and Render
MixerBoard Mixer Board...
ShowMixerTB Mixer Toolbar
EditMetaData Open Metadata Editor...
Duplex Overdub (on/off)
PageSetup Page Setup...
Play Play
PlayAtSpeed Play at speed
PlotSpectrum Plot Spectrum...
Print Print...
QuickHelp Quick Help (in web browser)
ImportRaw Raw Data...
SelRestore Region Restore
SelSave Region Save
RemoveTracks Remove Tracks
Resample Resample...
ResetToolbars Reset Toolbars
Benchmark Run Benchmark...
SaveCompressed Save Compressed Copy of Project...
SaveAs Save Project As...
Screenshot Screenshot Tools...
ShowSelectionTB Selection Toolbar
SelSetExtLeft Set (or Extend) Left Selection
SelSetExtRight Set (or Extend) Right Selection
ShowClipping Show Clipping
Log Show Log...
SnapToOff Snap To Off
SnapToOn Snap To On
SWPlaythrough Software Playthrough (on/off)
SoundActivation Sound Activated Recording (on/off)
SoundActivationLevel Sound Activation Level...
NewStereoTrack Stereo Track
Stereo to Mono Stereo Track to Mono
Stop Stop
NewTimeTrack Time Track
CursSelEnd to Selection End
CursSelStart to Selection Start
ShowToolsTB Tools Toolbar
ShowTranscriptionTB Transcription Toolbar
UnlockPlayRegion Unlock

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