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One of the potential advantages of Open Source is open standards and the ability to reuse code in different projects.

Applications often grow so that contain a script engine, an FTP client, a text editor....

The idea of connected open source is, where possible, to try to re-use existing programs. This means streamlining the way that programs work with each other, bridges between different projects.

In Audacity we are actively working in that direction.

Some of our code is 'framework' code that belongs back in wxWidgets. To allow for that certain files in the audacity project CVS are marked as under the wxWidgets license. This is a more permissive license than the GPL. As a result, we can release Audacity as GPL and at the same time, the widget related framework code is available to the wxWidget project under that license.

We do have a built in language, Nyquist, based on XLISP. However we made a policy decision around scripting to NOT build in LUA or Perl or Javascript or some other script language. Instead, under Windows, we have experimental code that can take commands from any script language that supports pipes.