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We need help with campaigns:
We need help with campaigns:
* Google Summer of Code 2008
* Google [[SummerOfCode|Summer of Code 2008]]
* Audacity language learning
* Audacity language learning
* The tutorial collection

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Want to help the Audacity project? Here are some suggestions:

Wiki Gnomes

Help us by removing spam links from the wiki. Improve pages by making the writing clearer and correcting spelling and grammar.

Audacity Help Documentation

Audacity's help text is also on a wiki. As the program changes, it needs updating. Screenshots on the wiki need updating too. There's a special build of Audacity that makes capturing the screenshots easier.


Audacity is translated into many languages. We need translators for other languages. We'd also like to make the process of translation more streamlined.

Forums and Help

It's a great help to have people answering Audacity questions on the forums and help mailing list. People who help like this also manage the FAQ and have very important input into development decisions.


We need graphics for Audacity itself and for the website. Someone with graphics skills could help us unify the program and website. We need a graphic designer with an eye for the whole picture who can help with improving Audacity's graphics in a systematic way.


We need help with campaigns:


We always need more developers! Here is a proposed 'Audacity Needs You!' page for the main Audacity website. The intention is to put it in a high traffic area.


Testers. Test coordinators. Test script writers. Quality system designers and managers. Yay. We need you all.


Are we missing something? If you think so, we probably are. Drop us an e-mail and tell us how you can help.

Get in contact via the audacity devel mailing list on sourceforge.