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November 6th 2009: We are getting ready for our first stable release of Audacity in about two years!

Help Us With 2.0

  • We would love help with testing.
  • Help us with completing or translating the manual for 2.0, which is in its own wiki.
  • We also need translators for the program.
  • If you're a programmer, check out the developer guide, subscribe to audacity-devel and when you've got Audacity compiling, tell us if there's anything on the release checklist you'd like to tackle. For 2.0 we're particularly keen to hear from people developing on Windows 7 or ensuring Audacity works well on upcoming Ubuntu releases.

Other Ways To Help

  • Help us with this wiki and ideas for onward development.
  • Help out on the Forum by answering our users' questions.
  • Add features that you care about to our Feature Requests page, and/or vote there.
  • If you're a student and interested in GSoC in 2010, start planning for it now.

In more detail...


Testers. Test coordinators. Test script writers. Quality system designers and managers. We need you all.

Documentation Writers (The 2.0 Manual)

We also want to hear from any highly experienced users who can help with keeping our officially released documentation such as the online Beta Manual up-to-date and relevant. We need help bringing this Manual forward to readiness for the next 2.0 Stable release.


We always need more developers! Here is a proposed "Audacity Needs You!" page for the main Audacity web site. The intention is to put it in a high traffic area. Better developer documentation would also help us. Our guides for compiling Audacity could do with streamlining. The relative difficulty of compiling Audacity on Mac and Windows is one barrier to more users getting involved in the development process. Join our developers' mailing list and introduce yourself!

Wiki Gnomes

Help us by removing spam links from the Wiki. Improve pages by making the writing clearer and correcting spelling and grammar.

Documentation Writers (This Wiki)

We often link to pages in this Wiki when answering questions from users. Help us keep these pages including the Tutorials up-to-date. As the program changes, these pages need updating. Screenshots on the Wiki need updating too. The Beta build of Audacity makes capturing the screenshots easier.


The Audacity software and web site is translated into many languages. We need translators for other languages.

Our officially released documentation has never been translated. We welcome offers of help to work on translating our Beta Manual.

Suggestions on improving/streamlining the way we translate are welcome too.

Forum and -users mailing list

The main way we help users who need personal support with Audacity is on our Forum. If you are an experienced user, you can perform a great service for Audacity by helping to answer Forum questions. Monitoring the questions and issues that arise provides valuable input for our Frequently Asked Questions and influences the wider task of making development decisions.

An alternative way Audacity users help each other and learn about our program is the audacity-users mailing list. This is a subscription-only mailing list where messages to the list are sent out directly by e-mail. Feel free to join audacity-users and give a hand to new users!

Web site text

The main web site needs to be kept up-to-date not only so that Frequently Asked Questions are relevant, but so that other information is added when necessary. Of course we also want to keep the site easy to use and free of "typos". We have a list of pending web site changes and we welcome comments about our web site.


We need graphics for Audacity itself, and for our main web site and Wikis. Someone with graphics skills could help us unify the program and our sites. We need a graphic designer with an eye for the whole picture who can help with improving Audacity's graphics in a systematic way.


We need help with campaigns:

  • Audacity took part in GSoC (Google Summer of Code) in 2008 and 2009. We always need help planning for future participation, from getting ready to run a GSoC, to alerting potential students to the opportunity, to co-ordinating development during GSoC itself.
  • We're considering being part of the next GHOP (Google Highly Open Participation) Contest
  • Audacity language learning initiative. This is a plan to develop an ecosystem of language learning tools around Audacity. Part of the plan involves building better links with the rockbox project so that Audacity can author audio in structured formats that assists language learners. This was talked about briefly at the 2008 GSoC mentor summit, but has not progressed beyond that.

Ideas? Want to Contact Us?

Didn't find what you were looking for? Here are various ways to contact us.