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The information on this page are likely out-of-date and will not be updated in the forseeable future. It may be removed at any time.
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Here are some of the ways you can keep Audacity moving forward as a high quality application with great support and documentation.

Feedback.png Develop.png Translate.png Support.png
Develop Translate Support other Users
  • We have Preview Versions of Audacity, which you can sign up for, to get early access to the new features.
  • If you want to get more involved, subscribe to our audacity-quality mailing list and get involved with improving design and quality.
  • If you're a programmer, check out the developer guide and subscribe to the audacity-devel mailing list
  • If you are already compiling Audacity, great. If not tell us where our instructions for doing so suck.
  • Help by translating the user interface into your language. Sign up to our audacity-translation mailing list.
  • We currently need someone to bring the French translation up from 73% complete to 100%.
  • Help out on the Forum by answering our users' questions. We especially need people to answer questions in other than English.
  • Help us improve our documentation.

Those Links Again...

Other ways you can contribute...


In the longer term future we may need an update to graphics for Audacity itself, and for our main website and wikis. Someone with graphics skills could help us achieve visual consistency across the application and our sites. We would need a graphic designer with an eye for the whole picture who can help with improving Audacity's graphics in a systematic way.


We need help with campaigns:

  • Audacity took part in GSoC (Google Summer of Code) in 2008 and 2009. We always need help planning for future participation, from getting ready to run a GSoC, to alerting potential students to the opportunity, to co-ordinating development during GSoC itself.
  • We're considering being part of the next Google Code-in Contest (an open source development and outreach contest targeted at 13-18 year old students around the world).
  • Audacity language learning initiative. This is a plan to develop an ecosystem of language learning tools around Audacity. Part of the plan involves building better links with the rockbox project so that Audacity can author audio in structured formats that assists language learners. This was talked about briefly at the 2008 GSoC mentor summit, but has not progressed beyond that.
  • We had a go at campaigns to bring in more developers. As you probably can see, we could have done better :-)
    • Here is a proposed "Audacity Needs You!" page for the main Audacity website. The intention was to put it in a high traffic area - but it seemed a bit too gung-ho.
    • There was also a landing page, "Audacity Sounds Great" for free developer recruitment FLOSS adverts provided by stackoverflow.
    • We also thought better developer documentation would also help us. Our guides for compiling Audacity could do with streamlining. The relative difficulty of compiling Audacity on Mac and Windows is one barrier to more users getting involved in the development process.

Ideas? Want to Contact Us?

Didn't find what you were looking for? Here are various ways to contact us.