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This page describes how to prepare the local help for Audacity(R).
If the advice here is inaccurate or incomplete, please e-mail audacity-devel_AT_lists_DOT_sourceforge_DOT_net.
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Manual - Building

These instructions are for Windows, but the basics are the same for any platform. We use a script to pull the manual from the wiki and turn it into static html.

Remove the old manual and make sure you can rebuild a new one:

  1. Make sure you have Python installed and on your PATH. Use version 2.7.*, not 3.2.*.
  2. Delete audacity\help\manual if it exists.
  3. On VS, the manual can be built in audacity\help\manual by building the 'help' project.
  4. On Windows if you just want to get the manual, go to audacity\scripts\mw2html_audacity, run wiki2htm and wait for it to complete.
  5. There is also a, which may still work (untested here, feel free to update this comment)

Manual - Testing

(Note: This is no longer required for 'official' releases since it will be done as part of the preparatory phase.)

Test the unzipped manual using or similar, and report errors/warnings as appropriate.

Manual - Zipping and Uploading

For a Release, somebody should follow these instructions just after the 'manual freeze' so that builders have the same manual for all OSs. That person will be agreed as part of the Release Process.

  1. Zip the result of the above as audacity-manual-<versionrcX>.zip (for example When unzipped, it should produce a "help" folder with the "manual" folder inside that.
  2. Upload the audacity-manual-<versionrcX>.zip onto Google code for use by the people making installers etc.
  3. Mark any previous rc as 'Deprecated'.
  4. Make sure that people are aware of the upload, and any new ones that are done, including
    1. RM
    2. People making installers etc.

When the release happens, rename audacity-manual-<versionrcX>.zip as the final version (for example

Colour depth of images should probably be addressed in the manual

There used to be a suggestion here that we reduced the colour count in images of the shipped manual, but it has been agreed that it should be done in the online manual, if at all.

'This should be a P2 (or lower) manual bug' was agreed on audacity-team around 6-7/8/2014.

See the history of this page for suggestions on how to do it.