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  • You can create a new page in two ways:

  • Create a link to your new page in an existing page. If your new page is to be called "Audio Techniques", enclose the title of your new article inside double square brackets thus:
[[Audio Techniques]]

Optionally, you can make the link appear with text other than the page title by adding that text after the pipe symbol "|". For example, you could write:
For a discussion of audio techniques, go [[Audio Techniques|here]].

Preview then save your edit to the existing page, then click the link to the new page to add text to it. Preview the text of your new page, then save it. The link to your new page will appear in red until you have saved the new page.

  • Type the URL of the page you want to edit in the address bar. For example, to create your page called "Audio Techniques", type the following in the address bar and hit enter on your keyboard: Techniques&action=edit

As an alternative method, click the below link:
replace "New" in the address bar with the title of your page and hit ENTER. Add your text then preview and save your new page.

Don't try and create your new page by editing this text and saving that as your new page - it won't work.