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I encourage users to add links to audio that they've created using Audacity. __________________________________________________________________

I recorded this live rap concert by the Fingerprint Records artists in Lansing, MI on April 4, 2005 on a TASCAM and bounced it to Audacity. Here's a bunch of the mp3s: _________________________________________________________________________

All the songs I make are completely recorded and mixed in audacity, you can listen to then here:

Personally, I reccomend Snail Shell (just for the weird vocal effect), Soldier Girl (For the sheer number of vocal harmonies), and "She's an Angel" (Listen for the acapella break in the last chorus). ______________________________________________________________________

All DVDs listed on my page

have audio tracks created with Audacity. The page is in Russian, sorry. Audacity proved to be useful for this task, with one exception : it has no usable numeric scales and inputs, so filtering out, to say, 50 Hz is a hairy task. DVDs announced on this page are non-commercial music recordings. Permissions to create and distribute those disks were obtained form the authors. All copyrights belongs to authors.

On the personal website of Ben Powers you can listen to tracks created with the help of Audacity. Some of the tracks even have creation journals! Click on my thumb to access the music! contains original pop and jazz music written by Dominic Mazzoni, recorded, edited, and mixed using Audacity. contains music and videos created by my friends and I. is our mp3 page. The recordings by the group Going Deaf were edited with Audacity.

Ever hear of podcasting? It's like Tivo-radio for your MP3 player. I produce our weekly show using Audacity

here's a page of some demos of songs i'm working on for my forthcoming album AmblyopiA...all are free to download, and every single one has at the least been processed by audacity, most have been completely created using audacity to record with. some of the songs have rather explicit lyrics...if you don't like that, or are a bush administration supporter, you may prefer to avoid this page. the album will be done mostly with audacity.....jimi pocius, AKA pinkjimiphoton URL:

My flamenco radio show is created, mixed, etc using only Audacity. It's simple, effective, and a lot of fun to use. Low-quality sound samples are available at the show's website:

Audacity helps us trim and fade audio preview clips on the CD sales pages for the Masters of Harmony (, a 130-voice mens a-capella group in Los Angeles. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

We do our podcasts with Audacity. We've been using since it's inception. I even record my records with it.

Rustbelt Radio - weekly radio program from the Pittsburgh Independent Media Center, airs Mondays on WRCT Pittsburgh 88.3FM (from CMU Campus) and other stations. The show is edited in pre-production each week by a team of producers, using audacity exclusively on a wide variety of platforms.


The Random Show- A almost-daily podcast ran direct from Washington D.C, with host Jon. Availible at . The whole show is recored and edited using audacity. If you do listen, be sure to leave a comment on the site.

All of the original sound effects that I have recorded and edited with audacity (and liscensed under Creative Commons Sampling Plus) can be found on my page at the freesound project :


News from Neptune - all episodes of News from Neptune, a radio program about the news of the week and its coverage by the media, are recorded and edited using Audacity. All episodes of the show are archived and licensed to share.

The music at is editing using Audacity.