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Here is a starting point for a default list of curves. This forms part of a Proposal for Import and Export of Equalization curves. Note that I have added some attributed to the 'curve'; these are not decided on yet.

You should be able to copy-paste the curves in the box below into EQCurves.xml and have them appear next time you open 'Effect->Equalization...'.

The following curves have been suggested:

  • bass boost
  Paste here
  • bass cut
  Paste here
  • treble boost
  Paste here
  • treble cut
  Paste here
  • telephone - 300Hz-3kHz (should it be 3.8kHz?), 4th Order roll-offs. Done from a spreadsheet.
	<curve name="Telephone">
		<point f="20" d="-94.09"/>
		<point f="200" d="-14.25"/>
		<point f="250" d="-7.24"/>
		<point f="300" d="-3.01"/>
		<point f="400" d="-0.41"/>
		<point f="500" d="-0.07"/>
		<point f="1250" d="-0.004"/>
		<point f="2000" d="-0.17"/>
		<point f="2500" d="-0.91"/>
		<point f="3000" d="-3.01"/>
		<point f="4000" d="-10.41"/>
		<point f="20000" d="-65.91"/>
		<point f="25000" d="-73.67"/>
  • loudness
  Paste here
  • rumble filter
  Paste here
  • others that should be in the default list
  Paste here
	<curve name="60Hz notch" length="8192" category="default" draw="yes" log="yes">
		<point f="49.4" d="0"/>
		<point f="60.0" d="-120"/>
		<point f="71.3" d="0"/>